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Wayne gives the rabbits a free reins and receives rewards.

Wayne Bennett, the new Rabbitohs coach, is confident that the Sydney Roosters, who scored 26-16 in South Sydney, will play in less structured style this season at Redfern .

Bennett made several important changes since Greg Inglis moved from left to center and Sam Burgess was in charge of moving the second line from the middle to the right, but the most notable difference was the freedom given to his playmaker .

In the first half, Adam Reynolds controlled the SCG showdown with his kicking game. Cody Walker's 8/8 Cody Walker was always a threat on the left side, and Rabbitohs was twice out of 5 on the right edge.

"We have very good talents, we have very good fullbacks, we have very good prostitutes, so my job is not to release them, try to play football, box them, or play. "He said.

"They can play freely and that's what it brings, it's the beauty of being a player."

Bennett is pleased to win defensive winners in the first game of the Rabbitohs, but Bennett said the most important thing about winning is confidence that he and the players will get.

"We had a lot of improvements, but they were happy with what they did," Bennett said.

Rabbitohs Center Greg Inglis.
Rabbitohs Center Greg Inglis.
© Greg Fortus / NRL Photos

"I think it's just a new coach, maybe another philosophy, we do things differently, and we just need achievements to have confidence in one another. There is a belief in it. It was an important part of tonight. "

Although he did not play in the pre-season, Reynolds made two attempts with an accurate kick from the goalpost, leading to Cameron Murray and Walker scoring. He also started full-back Alex Johnston's attempt.

"Because Adam is one of the best kickers in the game, we finished the set well to give him a chance to kick the ball," Bennett said.

"He made a real difference in his next game, and it was an advantage in controlling soccer, nowadays it's a big part of the game and there are some who can do it like anyone else in the competition."

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