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What does & # 39; GTE & # 39; mean in your boarding pass?


Your boarding pass is filled with data not only of your planned trip, but also of passengers with boarding passes.

Most of the code printed on your boarding pass is harmless, but there are codes that show bad news as a traveler.

According to the distributor of Air Canada, there is one code I do not want to have on my boarding pass, "GTE".

If you have a GTE on your ticket, the flight appears to be over-priced.

"If someone has a GTE (boarding pass) on their boarding pass, that means there is no seat," a ticketing agent told the CBC.

"I deceive people and deceive passengers."

He explained that the airline maximizes profit by selling more airline tickets than available seats.

The anonymous crew told the airline staff not to tell the passengers that they were angry at the passengers, but instead said they should send the door to the crew.

There was this revelation after disclosing trained methods to hide information about the flight attendant's ticket and whether the flight attendant was provided with the seat.

The former Air Canada agency publicly spoke because the passengers wanted the traveler to know how often their staff needed to be seated to find seats locked on transitional flights.

He left the industry to say he could not keep lying to the customer soon.

"I told them there was nothing to worry about and it absolutely killed me," he said. "Opportunity to make them on [the flight] There was no one. "

He said some of the stories of travelers on honeymoon couples or on family vacations on their first vacation were "struck".

Angela Mah, an Air Canada spokesman, e-mailed the CBC to reduce the impact of excessive spending without agreeing to the allegations.

"Excess sale accounts for less than 1% of scheduled passengers." Mah explained that the airline transported about 51 million customers in 2017/18, saying:

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