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What we do know and do not know about Google's new gaming platform Stadia

We shared a lot of information about the new video game streaming platform in yesterday's GDC presentation and learned more about this technology through interviews. Kotaku I joined with Phil Harrison of Stastia and Splitscreen. But we do not know much yet.

Google did not say exactly when the service would price it and what games it could use. The company said it plans to release details of this type sometime in the summer.

Until then, here's an analysis of yesterday's events, Harrison's interviews and service analysis EurogamerFollowing Digital Foundry we have a list of what we are still waiting for.

Google said:

  • With this service, Google will be able to run games from 60 fps to 4k with a 30Mbps connection, and it will be possible to have slower speeds to enable 1080p.

  • The platform reduces frame rate and graphics size for Internet connections below 30Mbps. "Lower bandwidth will provide lower resolution," Harrison said. Kotaku.

  • All game studios require a constant internet connection. When the internet is down, it can not be played.

  • Stadia can run on any device with Chrome, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and TVs.

  • The Stadia data center PC where the game will actually run will use Linux.

  • Data center PC specification:
    GPU: 10.7 teraflops, 56 arithmetic units, HbM2 memory.
    CPU: Custom x86 processor, 2.7 GHz, Hyperthreaded, AVX 2.
    Memory: 16GB RAM, up to 484GB / s transfer rate, L2 + L3 9.5MB cache

  • The launch of Stadia Games & Entertainment, the first newly formed party studio in the early days, is intended to emphasize the platform's unique capabilities.

  • The party game is a Stadia exclusive game.

  • Most secondary games are proprietary, and games that are not exclusive have Stadia exclusive features.

  • Doom Eternal It has been confirmed in Stadia.

  • The Stadia controller should be playing on a TV with a Chromecast.

  • We sent Stadia development kits to over 100 development partners. Harrison said the games released at the show and upcoming games will be released in the summer.

  • According to Harrison, the icon inspired by the video game displayed during the GDC presentation is not for the type of game that goes to Stadia, but for fun.

We still need to know:

It is unclear. The minimum internet connection is to use Stadia. Can I play games at 30 fps at 480p with a 10 Mbps connection?

How long does it take for Google to target Stadia? What is the minimum threshold for people to be able to play games on the platform?

We do not know how Stadia will price or pack. Will it cost the service itself in addition to individual games? Can I access multiple games instead of purchasing them individually through a subscription program such as Xbox's Game Pass?

What happens if Google decides to shut down a particular Stadia server or reassign a datacenter in the future? Google is famous for starting a project and eventually abandoning it. Harrison did not mention what would happen if the stored server was shut down, even if the Stadia game stopped, but the backup still existed.

Is there a minimum technical requirement? Using your phone, tablet, laptop or PC? Has Stadia been downscaled to complement the low end phone or Chromebook?

The Stadia controller requires its own WiFi connection.. This requirement is included or included at 25 Mbps to stream games at 1080p and 60fps.

Google promised to play Cross with Stadia.However, we did not specify whether it would mean cross-play with a device capable of running Stadia or another platform such as PS4, Switch or Xbox One.

Features highlighted in presentations are options such as state sharing and crowd play. Should developers have a game for or for all Stadia games?

How does Google operate the platform? His Split screen Harrison said in an interview that game developers are going to be able to choose the people they work with, with a focus on "neglecting toxicity" rather than "fundamentally eliminating toxicity." You should try to prevent the abuse of the standard YouTube video comments section from spreading to the upcoming Stadia environment linked to YouTube.

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