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WHO has decided not to declare the Ebola emergency.

A World Health Organization (WHO) committee this week has spread to Uganda, but has decided not to declare an international emergency on Congo's Ebola outbreak.

The controversial epidemic in Congo is the second worst since 2108 Ebola and 1411 deaths since August. I arrived in Uganda this week and three of the people from Konga were recorded. Two of them died.

In a statement, a panel of 13 independent medical experts from the WHO Emergency Committee called on neighboring "at risk" countries to improve their readiness to detect and manage import cases "as Uganda did."

"This is an emergency in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, not a global emergency, and can affect neighboring counties," Dr. Preben Aavitsland, a spokesman for the committee, held a press conference at the UN headquarters in Geneva. .

"The committee thought there was nothing to gain by declaring the PHEIC (Public Concern of Public Concern), but there is much to lose."

"There is a risk of imposing restrictions on travel or trade that can seriously hurt the economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo," Aavitsland said.

Ugandan officials said Mike Ryan, director of the WHO Emergency Program, "has created a list of 98 contacts or contacts potentially exposed to the Ebola virus. Immunization of these contactors and health workers with the Merck experimental vaccine He said it would start on Saturday.

Some health groups urged the committee to declare an emergency that would increase public health measures, funding and financial resources.

Four emergencies have been declared over the past decade. Ebola crashed West Africa in 2014-2016. The remainder were the pandemic flu in 2009, polio in 2014, and the Zika virus in 2016.

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