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Alleged Nazi re-operation against two BAT officials


04.04.2010 10.59

Online today, 10:59

New allegations have been made in the case of the Federal Office for the Fight against Terrorism (BVT). The P shooter spy leader and one of his former employees, S., are also accusing the Nazi re-operation. The two officials reported February search, the "courier" (Sunday edition). Both reject the allegations.

According to the documents received by "Kurier", the detectives of the corruption prosecutor's office informed the two BVT officials of the Vienna Public Prosecutor at the end of September. The Vienna Public Prosecutor handed the case to the Wiener Neustadt prosecutor in early October.

Pictures from private cell phones

"Now we can find Samsung's private mobile phone brand, the S. accused has several images that contain extreme right-wing content or seriously undermine the Nazi genocide or other Nazi offenses against humanity," he noted in an occasional report by investigators.

S. claims to have sent at least 19 Nazi photos with anti-Semitic and racist slogans in the WhatsApp group to four or five BAT colleagues, especially in 2012 and 2014. These photos were found in the memory of S. smartphone, supposedly on the phone of former President P. However, the latter did not cover the previous study. The pictures were automatically saved by WhatsApp on your phone.

Accused: I wanted to be legitimate against the pictures

The defendant denies the allegations. "I'm not a Nazi ideologist and racist supporter, on the contrary," she said through lawyer S. "I gathered all these things because I wanted to know how to act legally. But our experts told me they did not actually find the authors of these contemptuous representations. "

A former spy lawyer explains: "The current investigation clearly shows that all efforts have been made to re-spoil my client and to backfire the search for a house." Also: "My client no longer has a family history Opponents of Fascist and National Socialist ideologies."

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