Saturday , June 3 2023

Aribert Reimann honored "Faust" for the oeuvre culture


Berlin composer Aribert Reimann receives the German theater prize "Der Faust" for his oeuvre.

One of the most important contemporary composers is Aribert Reimann. On Saturday night, Berlin, who also became a pianist and musician, won the German theater prize "Der Faust" for his life. Reimann is a global player and music all over, "said Eleanore Büning, composer of the Regensburg Gala. Reimann has found an audience like another live opera composer. "It's harder to describe Reimann and the composer, they have so many different sides, they do not fit into any drawer." Reimann wrote more than seventy songs – songclocks, instrumental pieces, orchestral works and more opera. The 1978 breakthrough was performed at the Vienna State Opera "Lear" in Munich.

"Faust" joins Reimann for a long series of awards. For example, the 82-year-old won the Ernst von Siemens Music Award, the Nobel Prize for Music, and the Robert Schumann Prize. The Artistic Minister of Bavaria, Marion Kiechle (CSU), noted the importance of theater activity: "The theater provokes theatrical challenges, theater is thinking, and the stage plays an important part in social discourse." Faust was sentenced to nine categories. This year, for the first time, there was a Perspective Award that respected the action "40,000 theater workers meet with their representatives". With this, politicians must be aware of the theater's situation and have to win the theater. Initiators of action include the Dramaturgische society. It is supported by Deutsches Bühnenverein. dpa

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