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BADEN: Two handlebars died in frontal collision.

A 75 – year – old woman and a 21 – year – old man died after a car crash in the Baden district on Friday afternoon. The car crashed at L161 between Reisenberg and Neu-Reisenberg.

The 21 – year – old man seemed to have overlooked a loud police officer approaching the car and caught up with the left turn. Both cars rolled down and stopped by the road.

Still accessible by 21-year-old accident

Immediately after the accident, the 21-year-old boy was still accessible, but died at the scene of the accident. A 75-year-old woman also died on the spot.

The young man was trapped in the afternoon after the crash and had to be released from the fire station. The attempt to resuscitate failed. A large contingent of fire and rescue workers was in action. There was also an emergency physician helicopter "Christophorus 9" and a crisis intervention team, reported by Andreas Zenker of the Red Cross, Lower Austria. L161 was completely blocked by accident.


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