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Bayern: Kovac-end sealed? Coach – What should I change about the emergency club?


Bayern: Kovac-end sealed? You need to change your club so that you do not need a coach.

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Difficult times in Bavaria. Kovac in Copenhagen Professor Munich in Copenhagen, a few months later, Croatia has already been criticized. If the Munich people do not want to be coaches on Saturday night, club bosses should change their words and behavior as soon as possible.

By itself Niko Kovac can no longer escape the numbers. FC Bayern coach has seen all the violent shaking around him, and thus tries to appear more solidly. The result: after his team has played the weakest game for the thirteenth time, he makes himself unfair and does not allow self-criticism. And I am faithful to what worked well in the early part of the season.

If all this goes on, Bayern could have his first match at Borussia Dortmund without a coach on Saturday night. For example, if the Munich election becomes unstable within a year, the league leader will lose it fiercely and give up. So that does not happen. So Kovac is finally integrated. I need a boss in particular.

Kovac defense

President Uli Hoeneß and President Karl-Heinz Rummenigge were confiscated at an aggressive press conference according to a party of players who were rated unfair by their players and silent to Kovac. As for the successful past, Rummenigge could remember his statement about Pep Guardiola.

"Pep Guardiola gets the support of everyone who has anything to say until we work in FC Bayern. Anyone who wants to start a discussion with Lame-Duck can know it." (In January 2016, Rummenigge, whose Bavarian Guardiola farewell was already confirmed,

"Guardiola is not as demanding as it is going to be repeated, fairy tales are told and clubs always decide on the move." (Guardiola's criticism of the sale of Rummenigge, Bastian Schweinsteiger in July 2015)

"Pep Guardiola and FC Bayern do not fit in a piece of paper, but he is a very good and very successful coach with a clear philosophy, vision and a nice person." (After 0-4 in the Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid in May 2014,

Guardiola has twice been the winner of FC Barcelona and the Champions League. For the last two decades, we have created the most influential European team in Munich, presumably a huge natural authority, but still aggressively protect the club's leadership.

It is difficult for the players.

Alternatively, during the playful hours of Guardiola and sports director Matthias Sammer, the Bavarians regularly went to themselves. In particular, Sammer expressed a rough statement about the direction of the team after the victory.

"We are our own benchmarks, no matter who we play, I think we do not need it because we have seen a scene where we made a rude awakening to the other side after winning 2-0." (Sammer in February 2015 after a 4-1 clash with FC Cologne)

"It was a regulated service and our coach had to make a brand fire every time we started." (Sammer in September 2013 after winning 2-0 in Hannover 96)

"We have to burn a bit more, have our greed, and have the courage to talk about these things. I think we are in such an oasis that we are so positive, so cute, and so wonderful to each other " (5-1 against Sammer in April 2014. 1. FC Kaiserslautern in the semi-final of DFB-Pokal)

Nobody shakes the stars at this time. Hoeneß used to be silent here, even before the role of the clerk. Sports supervisor Hasan Salihamidzic looks for new words after all the matches Bayern has shown on the lawn, what is going on and what to do.

Kovako became increasingly frustrated with the demand for weak play as he was stressed after Lerch's victory with Mainz (2-1) and Athens (2-0). Not everything was good, but no one in Bavaria.

All of this is giving Sammer a physical weakness. The problem is how Hoeneß endures. Bayern-doer hates terrible things with less content than the best content.

Bayern is still catching Kovac, and according to "Kicker", I want to defeat him in Dortmund. A clear bankruptcy of BVB can lead to unexpected dynamics if the club does not finally remember its greatest strength: healthy self-awareness.

VIDEO: Report on stars of concern: Four Bayern players clash with coach Niko Kovac.

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