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Börse Express – ROUNDUP / & # 39; Whatstabook & # 39 ;: You want to connect to a chat service on Facebook.

Facebook I want that person.
Chat services, such as WhatsApp and Messenger,
Merges backgrounds and makes them more secure with encryption.
Online network "New York Times" and
"Financial Times" There are considerations in this direction at least.
There is. "We are working with us to provide more messaging services.
Provides end-to-end encryption and equipment testing methods.
Friends and family crossed the boundaries of different networks.
The spokesman said in the newspaper.
There is an internal discussion about how best to do this right now.

Your plan will continue to use other apps.
However, the application will be on a common basis
Technology infrastructure, written in two newspapers
Late Friday, quoting stakeholders. until now
The system is severely disconnected.

The report on the general technology platform must follow
In addition to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
The communication function of Photo Service Instagram is approaching. plan
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg,
It said.

After the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram founder
At first, Facebook was largely independent.
Everyone left the online network last year. with loud sound
The report was tense with Zuckerberg,
Who has been more involved in service management.

Each of the three services has over one billion users.
Facebook comes to more than 2.2 billion online networks
Active members – But growth has become clear recently.
Slow down when chat service is in use.

End-to-end encryption to encrypt only bold users
You currently have access to the conversation.
WhatsApp by default in the Facebook world only. On Facebook
You can use Messenger to exchange confidential information.
switch. WhatsApp Founder Brian Acton and Jan's departure
Koum said they were against the plan.
Encryption needs to be smooth.
End-to-end encryption – includes other chat services
Basically signal, wired or using Apple's iMessage – Push
At the same time as the FBI's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Because it makes the message worse,
Suspect approach.

The former Facebook manager is the Financial Times,
Zuckerberg wanted to make a variety of services for the group.
Join "Whatstabook" to promote growth. During
Encryption was a fact that would improve the protection of your data.
The goal of Facebook is to get more contact information.
To find potential new users, he explained.

The common infrastructure will be a significant intervention for:
Means the current function of the related service. that's the
WhatsApp Collecting less user data from scratch
You only need the phone number of your smartphone. on
Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, however,

One of the promises to take WhatsApp at the end of 22
Billions of dollars in 2014 mean that user data will continue.
Stay away. A few years later, Facebook announced.
I want to match the phone number between WhatsApp and Facebook.
For example, whatsApp users on Facebook can do that.
Can be found. This idea confronts the resistance of privacy advocates
Exposure in Europe. EU Commission to Acquire Facebook in 2017
A fine of 110 million euros, an online network
The application of the acquisition is still
Data between two systems is technically not possible.

Merger of technology infrastructure
The chat feature would also be a smashing of Facebook.
it's difficult. In politics, data scandals have occurred in particular.
Cambridge Analytica Continues to Require Facebook
You must disconnect from the messaging service. so
Member of the House of Representatives
Media reports that acquired Instagram and WhatsApp
Competition laws are much more difficult to test. "He asks.
Imagine how the world will change when you use Facebook.
WhatsApp and Instagram will have to compete. "

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