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Carinthia «After completing the visit at Lackner report

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The Archbishop of Salzburg, Franz Lackner, will send his report to the Vatican after the apostolic visit of the Archdiocese of Gruchtenburg. On Friday, his team, like Bishop Vorarlberg Benno Elbs, wants to tell the public about the work in Carinthia. Details were not promised.

March 15, 2019 at 2:30 pm

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Shortly before Christmas in 2018, the current Church Titan Church leadership issued a summary of the Church 's internal test report despite the Vatican' s ban and raised a serious argument against former Caitlin bishop Alois Schwarz. Above all, blacks adhered to improper dependence and mismanagement of their peers. Just two days later, Rome appointed Archbishop Salzburg as the Metropolitan of the Parish of Carinthians.

I invited the media today that there will be no real test results. The Archbishop will report on his visit to Carinthia and his experience with the way he works.

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