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Climate: 30,000 students at Mega Demo

"We cry out loud because you are stealing our future!" On Friday we cried out at the Climate Quest. About 30,000 children from all over Austria have been away from school to improve their awareness of climate change.

According to the organizer "Fridays for Future", 25,000 people attended the Vienna Heroes Square. Police count 10,500 students. In Innsbruck, 4000 young protesters expected Maria-Theresien-Straße in Linz with 3,000 students. In Bryggenz, 1,500 protesters ring the mobile alarm clock "5:12".

Friday: Student Demonstration Climate Demo© APA / GEORG HOCHMUTH

The architect came with a 6-year-old daughter.

"Parents of our parents," Parents for the Future, "with students," We want to help our children, "Christian Zauner explains why he is here: Architect Peter Schubert Schubert said with her 6-year-old daughter Clara, who has not yet attended school, "She saw something of KiKA in the climate. So I decided to go with her. "

Friday: Student Demonstration Climate Demo© APA / GEORG HOCHMUTH

Can one avoid? In some schools, especially in Lower Austria, it was a question whether students could attack the climate. BG Schwechat's Merlin (17) says, "I am not really interested in the opinions of teachers. Climate change does not wait until the end of school."

Early Katharina Rogenhofer was overwhelmed anyway: "History was written today in Hellenplatz in Vienna!" She cheered.

Friday: Student Demonstration Climate Demo© APA / GEORG HOCHMUTH

Friday: Student Demonstration Climate Demo© APA / GEORG HOCHMUTH

The president and minister were impressed.

Alexander Van der Bellen The Federal President was very passionate. "Young people give me hope." To quote from Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz, I was concerned that it is important for young people to talk and change their appearance.

Elizabeth Cologne© Facebook / Elisabeth Köstinger

Köstinger meets a demo activist.

On Monday, Environment Minister Elisabeth Köstinger welcomed the organizers of the climate strike. "This is a vital voice of a generation that needs to fight climate change and its consequences. Our doors are always open to concern," she says.

Klima-Heldin arrives in Vienna for the summit in May.

The inventor of the school strike will come to Austria in May. Sweden's 16-year-old Greta Thunberg will perform at Arnold Schwarzenegger's R20 summit on the fifth-fifth of the year. Schwarzenegger invited himself through Twitter. Thunberg will speak at the conference. And she will stay in Vienna for a few days to demonstrate with Austrian students next Friday. Lena Schilling, who co-hosted the "Fridays for Future" demo at Fellner on Friday, Friday! Live oe24.TV.

Greta berg bug© Getty Images

123 countries: student demonstrations from Vanuatu to London

Climate strikes occurred in 123 countries around the world on Friday. There were a total of 2000 rallies. Under the motto "Friday for Future", events took place in cities like Rome, London, Manila, New Delhi, Athens and dozens of German cities. Students from Vanuatu Island in the South Pacific are threatened by climate change.

scare. In Stockholm, Greta Thunberg, the founder of climate struggles, went out on the streets with colleagues. In an article for a British guardian, she wrote to world politicians that they act too little, saying, "We want to act in a panic." "Let the world become Greta again" has also become the motto of the climate. demonstration. In the UK, students from more than 100 cities went to the streets. The protests of young people were numerous in Italy too. In Rome, protests took place in front of the Colosseum. Deborah Handle

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