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"Dancing on Ice": A deep insight into TV presenter! Katarina Witt


The topic of the conversation on the "Dancing on Ice" finale was also the decollete of the conductor Marlene Lufen. She said pleasantly at the live show.

Munich – Sat.1 Show "Dancing on Ice" found the winner. Sarah Lombardi (26), who made a strong performance in live performances against Sunday's John Kerry (52) and Sarina Noak (25) after leaving co-friendly team Le Barthel (23), confirmed the lane.

But the conversation and eye-catching theme was only with Sarah Lombardi's dance partner, Joti Polizoakis. But also the décolleté of moderator Marlene Lufen (48). Too much juror Catherine Witt (53) did not get a hint from the live broadcast.

Speaker Marlene Lufen wanted to comment on Katarina Witt's performance on ice after Sarina Nowak's free skate match with her professional partner, David Vincour. "Look, is Katarina feeling comfortable and thinking about Katarina?" Lufen wants to know.

Video: Boschmann and Lufen: "We are a professional couple"

Witt on "Ice Dancing": "I do not look at you with eyes."

Wit was totally honest. "It's hard to see me in front of me today … Your excerpt … very …" Vincour stares at the protesters with a string, and everything else falls into laughter.

Order by Katarina Witt: Marlene Lufen (r.) Appeals her hand, and David Vincour looks at her sharply.

© Screenshot Sat.1

"I'm sorry," Lufen replied and seemed unintentional. She refuses all guilt. "That's what the designer thinks," followed by a counterattack. Lufen on Witt: "I want to watch your thing carefully." Then Witt comes to the main character and comments on the last show.

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"Dancing on Ice": Marlene Lufen is also discussing Instagram.

Also, I am out of instagram. Marlene Lufen posted a picture of her backstage in a red dress.

"Even if Kati Witt sees you in the neckline," "Perfect braless cleavage," "WOWWWWW! Hot! Marlene," "What cool outfit," "Marlene is very hot to fight," or "Boah Menno, Do you have to breathe in? Marlenchen, today is the right place for men. " Only a few people disagreed with Marlene Lufen's dress. "Dear Marlin, the dress looks like it came out of the garbage can," one follower says.

"Dancing on Ice": Birgit Schrowange responds to Marlene Lufen's dress.

Even the celebrity's reaction to Instagram was done directly by TV legend Birgit Schrowange. "You are beautiful." Schrowange points out that bikini photos have recently had a passionate response.

Marlene Lufen knows a lot about the Sat.1 breakfast broadcast. Even there, solid costumes are in business. Vanessa Blumhagen. The rock of Alina Merkau is too stupid to dress like Verona Pooth at the "Place to B" party in Berlin. Even "Reeperbahn" was mentioned.

Did you know that Sarah Lombardi once showed "no confidence"?


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