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Deliver measles vaccine to all babies after 9 months – SonntagsZeitung

The Federal Health Agency (FOPH) has registered 21 measles since the beginning of the year. The youngest infected child was one year old. Uncomplicated measles cases usually heal quickly and have no lasting consequences, but especially for babies, serious complications such as pneumonia or meningitis occur more frequently. Mark Witschi, an immunization expert at BAG, says, "It is therefore important for children to get vaccinated early.

To date, the crche children have been vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) at nine months of age. Children who are not supported from outside are only supported for 12 months. Research shows that this will change in the future. All vaccination recommendations apply at the end of March. All 9-month-old children should be vaccinated against measles.

"Most want to protect their children as soon as possible."Jan Cahlik, pediatrician

Jan Cahlik has been a pediatrician for over 20 years. Vice president of the Association of Pediatricians Switzerland welcomes you to adopt. "Measles is a potentially life-threatening disease," says Cahlik. Therefore, he already inoculates MMR for nine months. Cahlik believes infant measles vaccination has been a major cause of decline in recent years. In fact, there were no complications or serious side effects. And Cahlik rarely happened about the resistance of the parents. "Most want to protect their children as soon as possible."

If you have immunization obligations such as France or Italy, you should know or enforce a pediatric or non-BAG kindergarten in Germany. Reason: The vaccination rate has always increased. And in the last two years there have been few cases of measles and infections. If this year is positive, the World Health Organization (WHO) talks about successful elimination.

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