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Diablo Immortal – Blank Snake at BlizzCon: too few players


Diablo Immortal has few benefits - in the network, like BlizzCon.Diablo Immortal has few benefits – in the network, like BlizzCon.

A new Diablo with BlizzCon (though not with the expected Diablo 4) and still playable – is a clear assumption that the game can barely escape the rush. But Diablo Immortal has been more enthusiastic than enthusiasm for many fans, and you can tell that on the show. We saw every Saturday just after a row the game booth, and developers obviously have technical problems and can not use all the games.

Well, it was not that nobody wanted to play Diablo Immortal – on the contrary! Usually, we were impressed that two thirds or three quarters of available mobile phones were occupied. But this is only remarkable because it was always high on the other booths. Firecracker New Release Warcraft 3: Reformed to Overwatch and Storm heroes, which had no more bids than a new hero, players waited everywhere to seize the last available space. By comparison, Diablo Immortal was dead straight.

There is no line

Only in exceptional cases were some people in front of the booth, a real snake we have never seen before.

Empty gaming stations

Although some people wanted to play Diablo Immortal, most phones were free.

For comparison: The storm is heroes

Although the HotS did not always make a giant snake, at least it was waiting for a visible crowd and a player sat on every machine – even if there was only one new heroine here.

By the way, there was a similar picture in the press section: When we saw 12 people playing overwatch, while only one player fought through the demo of Diablo Immortal.

Immortal will be the first Mobile Diablowhile many BlizzCon fans hoped to have more PC content or even new titles than a remaster for Diablo 2. Some players also complained that it was not only developed by Blizzard, but with the mobile developer Netease. However, in the BlizzCon panel of world and history of Diablo Immortal, lead designer Wyatt Cheng once again made it clear that this is not the only Diablo game in development: "We have more projects that are made up of several teams!" Maybe one of them is a Diablo 4 as much as we want?

For example, Blizzard would develop Diablo 4 15 years ago

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Diablo Immortal – Blizzard ignores most devoted fans and catches BlizzCon's catastrophe

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