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Dinah Schilffarth is dead: the cause of cancer! The "Forbidden Love" star dies when he turns 45.

Dinah Schilffarth (r.) He died of cancer at the age of 45.
Photo: Peer Grimm / dpa

Dinah Schilffarth is dead. "" quotes the actress's family. Schilffarth is mainly a German drama "Forbidden LoveWe will tell you more.

Dinah Schilffarth is dead: "Forbidden Love" star died of cancer at the age of 45.

According to "", Schilfarth died of cancer on January 21, 1911. In 1997, the actress was diagnosed with lymphoma, but at first she seemed to have overcome her illness. In the spring of 2018, cancer It then recurred and was also sprayed on the lungs. On Monday night, the "Forbidden Love" star died in the circle of her family. She was only 45 years old.

Dina Schliffarth has written "Cleo Winter" as "Forbidden Love"

Dina Schliffarth is famous for her Soap "Forbidden Love" which appeared as a role for Cleo Winter from 1996 to 1998. Later, she appeared on TV series such as "SOKO" or "Kommissar Rex" and was also a popular musical actress. She appeared in the European premiere of the musical "Edith Piaf", "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "Eating Raoul".

Actor Dinah Schilafarth has left her husband Roland Pfaus and two children.

Even during her time with "forbidden love" Dina Schliffarth Actor I love Roland Pfaus. Later, the couple married and collected two sons who lived in Potsdam for the first time. Dina Schliffarth last sent her husband and son according to "" in Rügen.

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