Monday , January 30 2023

Economy, Trade & Finance: Vienna Stocks Conclusion: ATX Profit


Interest in the data side has returned to the United States today. U.S. retailers’ recovery from sluggish sales from the epidemic slowed in October. Dealers received only 0.3% more in October than last month, which was slightly less than expected. In contrast, US industry increased production slightly more than expected at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

In Vienna, the current company’s results have also guaranteed a shift. Rosenbauer stock rose 2.86%. Upper Austrian fire fighting equipment supplier increased both sales and revenue in the first nine months.

Stocks at Vienna Airport closed down 3.24% after a solid start. Like the entire aviation industry, airports have been hit hard by the corona crisis. In the first three quarters of 2020, the company was in the red. The number of passengers has declined as well as sales.

Among other individual values, the FACC was able to build it by adding 4.7% of the significant profit from the previous day. The airline supplier is expected to release quarterly results tomorrow Wednesday.

After a clear hike earlier this week, Addiko Bank fell 3.2% today. DO & CO also came back a bit and closed at a good rate.

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