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FPÖ wants relief for top income earners.

Vienna – Secretary of State Hubert Fuchs (FPÖ) has begun discussing the highest tax rates and has immediately ceased to exist from the coalition government. The head of the tax reform special team tries to phased out the highest tax rate of 55% for income millionaires. This will again be 50 per cent in income over 1 million euros. "The expansion will be a bad signal for the location of the business," Fuchs said in Graz's "Fairnesstour". But Treasury Secretary Hartwig Löger (ÖVP) is demanding an extension of the highest tariff level. His spokesman on the outcome of the government tax law said, "Expiration of the highest tax rate is not one of the previously agreed measures."

A special tax rate of 55% was introduced in the tax reform process in 2016 and is limited by 2020. In fact, the decline in the highest tax rate of income millionaires only affects a small number of people. The highest tax rate of 55% met exactly 358 people in 2014 and brought the Treasury € 50 million.

Fuchs' statement clearly provided the possibility of conflict with the coalition government. Harald Mahrer Federal Economic Chamber The demands of the Minister, such as the demand to lower the corporate income tax (KöSt) for the corporate profits to less than 20%, expressed the Secretary of State as a "wishful thinking". At present, KöSt is 25%. And while the Home Secretary did not confirm it with the Treasury, lowering the low tax rates for the 25, 35, and 42-year olds to 20%, 30%, and 40% described Fuchs as "a figure in the ÖVP election program." Indeed, these steps are a requirement of the ÖVP staff combination. (APA, Ritz)

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