Thursday , July 18 2019
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Game of Thrones record launch

Cult. Over 1 billion TV viewers worldwide, 15,000 tickets to domestic cinemas, and 1,500 enthusiastic fans on the first day of breakfast. A new exaggeration for the game of the throne. After nearly two years of rest, the record series (the 239 Relevant TV Awards) started in the eighth and last season yesterday. Iron throne struggles and seven kingdom governments will appear in six new episodes until May 19th.

Millionaire show. With a production cost of 85 million euros, US broadcaster HBO has been involved in sexual intercourse and violence and has had a final battle with 800 actors. The focus is on Jon Schnee (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke).

Add. Even after the bloody confrontation, hype continues: five spin-offs, u. end. Pre-order scheduled for 2020 with Naomi Watts.

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