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Grammy Awards: Shows on imbalances


Los Angeles – It is true that Michelle Obama came on stage in about three minutes of the Grammy Awards. This time, it is about women's confidence that they won the most famous music award in the world. You also need to set the marker. Finally, Grammys celebrates an industry where men are mostly older, mostly white men.

Michelle Obama reminds me of the power of music and reminds me of a soundtrack that empowers me with power, singing "Who Run The World" songs and "Who Run The World" . ,

Next to Michelle Obama are Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and actress Jada Pinkett Smith. Alicia Keys has been added to the evening as a hostess. She has brought four advocates against "female sisterhood" and "female resistance" on stage as "sisters". Of course, this moment was inspired by the anniversary of the award. Still, probably this time the rocks really rolled. Time was ripe. Between 2013 and 2018, 91% of all Grammy nominees were male. Inferiority image behind: producers, sound engineers, lyric composers are more than men. The imbalance is to get a recording academy and give Grammys a new initiative. This Sunday Show provided a motivational syringe for the struggle for gender equality. Two of the four major awards went to women. Kacey Musgraves is the best album, Dua Lipa has won the Outstanding Rookie of the Year, and Cardi B gets Grammy as the best rap album. Later, Dolly Parton by country and Diana Ross, grand master of the soul, reveal the boundaries of the genre. The excitement of the evening is also a woman. Ariana Grande canceled the performance in consultation with the organizers after the performance of the gala. Her first Grammy – Best Pop Album – she got it anyway. (Sol, dpa)

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