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Hansi Hinterseer: “I win a fun Christmas time”


There are certainly advantages to living in the mountains. It’s not just because of natural beauty and good air. no! The perfect Christmas is only here. When it’s cold and snowy and dark, it’s cold and snowy and dark on the outside-and our gaze from the window makes a crackling inside the cozy fireplace while falling into the contours of the Kitzbüheler Horn, striking a starry night sky. Just then Hansi Hinterseer arrived happy and satisfied. “Christmas in the mountains has its own real atmosphere, with traditions and customs,” he knows.

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The Tyrolean musician gave us a very personal gift to express his feelings and thoughts. This moves him to “stable times”, especially on Advent and festival days. His new album “Christmas Together” is the best way to celebrate this special time with fans. It also includes the newly interpreted and arranged classics “Silent Night”, “Every Year Again” and “Oh You Cheerful”. You will get acquainted with cheerful new songs such as “All Soon Christmas” and atmospheric dialect songs. “Many people no longer know that Jesus was born on Christmas Eve. I’ll have a very nice Liadl, yodel’Fürs Jesukind’ to go with it,” says Kitzbüheler. Yodel under the Christmas tree? “I love it. That’s our tradition. According to the atmosphere of Advent, when you ski with a yodel and cheer at Christmas and are particularly happy on the slopes,” Hansi says with a smile to STADLPOST.

“One of my favorite memories is that I used to go to the woods with my grandfather to get a Christmas tree. Or the custom of smoking stables and music in Seidlalm’s room. You do not forget all of that. These simple things make time so special and help you get out of the hustle and bustle. I grew up in the mountains. I’m not used to going to Christmas Mass because the road to church on winter nights is so long. Instead, when I was young, I prayed a special rosary together on Christmas Eve.

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At Kitzbüheler Horn, he filmed a video titled “Because you are like that.”
You can see it on his YouTube channel.

That was our tradition,” says Hansi. And what gift he will never forget? “I bought skis when I was 7 years old. It was amazing! I went to bed with my skis, took care of them and took care of them. I was the happiest boy in the world. Skiing was my love. Christkindl has fulfilled my greatest wishes! ”

His message to STADLPOST readers: “I look forward to Christmas every year. It’s not a gift, it’s especially the advent atmosphere Have a peaceful Christmas and don’t forget to be surprised. And we hope to bring you some joy in the future! “


CD TIP: On Christmas Eve, the wishes of everyone who has not forgotten to believe in miracles come true. With the album “Christmas Together” (TELAMO), the residents of Kitzbühel put a great musical gift on the table for us! Impression and atmosphere.

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