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Harmonics? No, we need conflict – culture.

Are two relatives on stage? It's not a joke, but it's definitely fun. Father and son made a cabaret for the first time, "father murder" under the slogan of the centuries of cataclysms, the generational conflict begins. An interview about the culture of controversy and possible motive, pyromania. It is not always harmonious, but it is always vivid.

Interview with Erwin Steinhauer and Matthias F. Stein

"Today": Matthias, did you try to kill your father?

Matthias: Yes, of course. When I was a teenager. But in a rather casual Wienerische style: "Ma Oida, please, I will not wrap it." But murder, murder. No, I do not think that way.

"Today": What was the trigger at that time?

Matthias: When I was a teenager, I was too quiet to accept too much. I was not a revolutionary, but I did a lot of things outside my family. I turned on things, stole things, and made a lot of nonsense. Because parents love children, parents want to leave their parents rather than hate them, so there is pressure that parents must inevitably empower their children because they love their children. If you shine, it means "Hello, there."

Erwin: Sounds like you called the palace palace. I still remember. I made Ischl a "salt baron" in the 90s when a denim jacket was burning in the closet, and when a phone call came to my friend's school. This is a young juvenile curiosity than pyromania.

Matthias: And at the age of 25, we sat down and talked about the past. It was not easy for Dad. Because in conversation I do everything nicely and do not praise him as a great dad. That's what he did anyway. What I can say is that when you see others, what happens to others like your family, and I am still blessed. Even though I was not baptized. I also find that our Father-Son relationship is strengthened by working together. I always think that is the case. Everything gets worse again when the son enters his father's company. Then there are professional and personal touch points, they mix, which makes the stage work very complicated. And I am so tired. It 's not just leaving the rehearsal. It takes more to say that you are a father or a son than a colleague says.

Erwin: The sample is called an example collision. We are not harmonists who make something of the cooperation of love. We try to do so in a dispute. Because we believe that conflict is much more honest because everyone wants to push their own interests. And that is the very essence of this work. All responsibility for what he shows on stage is entirely his responsibility. We are adults. That's the way it is.

"Today": Have you always been accustomed to the culture of litigation that you cultivate?

Erwin: The children (Matthias and sister Iris, notes) lived with me since I was 12 years old. We were a small family, and we were three. It was a big deal to make it clear to the children that they could be three families. Children from middle-class families like father, mother, and child are not used that way.

Matthias: Well, three of us … We lived with you, Dad. I did not like it because my mother's life changed. But my mother was still there and it was always his. We were classical divorce families?

Erwin: I do not need a label for what we do. I wanted to say that we lived with three people, and we had to explain to our young children three families.

"Today": What is always important to you to agree on?

Erwin: The top priority and direction was always love and attention. That one exists for each other. It was always an important point. The fact that my children are ahead of my job is always the most important thing for me. This is also discussed in plays.

"Today" Interview: Steinhauer and Stein, Vienna Rabenhof

"Today": Is it to make a good dad?

Erwin: First, it is a basic feeling. Second, the requirement that children be placed behind the scenes at all levels. To help you as long as I can help you. I'm not talking about gifts or money. But to deal with them constantly. And I tried it.

"Today": Have you always felt that way, Matthias?

Matthias: That's impossible. The other person, the child comes. I do not believe that parents always have access to talking about moving a child. Because of many topics, the child does not know. But I think Dad did his best. He started moving for me.

"Today": What was the urge to build a cabaret now?

Matthias: Someone outside asked why we could not be together. It was not our idea at all. At first I thought, oh no, it's incredibly wasteful working in a family working with your father. Then I actually thought that the father and son were on stage together. I have never seen it.

Erwin: Well, there will be an example. We are not the first, not the only.

Matthias: That's not it. I am curious to bring this intimate relationship to the theater. Even if it is not solved. There are only two relatives on stage.

Erwin: It will actually be a better title. "Two relatives on stage"

"Today": How do you start dinner?

Erwin: Just too much: it is not a guideline for patricide.

"Today": I have already seen it more often on the theater stage. What is specifically remembered?

Matthias: "The Bockerer", 2007 Landestheater NÖ. I was 25 years old. It was before we had this great conversation. We practiced together and went out often together. And there was not such a good atmosphere between us. I have already finished emotionally dad and dandy. It naturally relaxes the relationship.

Erwin: It was also difficult because the piece was actually violent. I had to hit Matthias with a belt on the mantis standing on my chest. I was not used to beating my child. Matthais said, "Dad, you can go there, I can not feel it!"

"Today": How do you actually start in a joint cabaret project? A bottle of wine and brainstorming, or in a very professional environment … appointments and study.

Erwin: Alcohol is not important at all. One finds out who is in there and makes the person clear. Then the author group meets and discusses where we want. Then the work is deployed and all people retreat to their area and present their work to the next meeting or mail. And it changes constantly. It is always evolving. Matthias wrote more than half of the pieces, but continues. You change and try. This is also part of the piece. My father is often desperate because his son always changes something.

"Today": The keywords that actually match the truth in the press release. Steinhauer, do you drink too much? Are you a porn star, Stone?

Erwin: We do not betray it, and the public must find out.

Well, I've definitely seen porn. Why not?

Erwin: I like sweets.

"Today": Can men's shared apartments be an option for you?

Erwin: Old school apartments with lots of old rags work. Fine.

"Today": No, old lip off. Matthias and you …

Erwin: No, I do not think so. There are too many years between them. Everyone needs different stages of development and how horrible aging is. I do not want to show him. This weathering process does not have to be caught at a young age.

"Today": Are you more funny on the stage?

Matthias: Well, Dad is already Schmähtandler. I take a great rest with my mother.

More about "Father Murder":

Economic Miracle vs. Economic Crisis, Baby Boomers vs Pornsters – Scrap from Church Buildings Fly: Father and Son on stage for the first time – Generation conflict has been preprogrammed! Erwin S., known in the silver cabaret era and advertising, radio and television in the 70s and 80s, lives in a luxury villa in Vienna-Hietzing. His time is over, he spent a day in front of a full HD plasma TV, watched too much old movies, food and drinks and hopes to build a grave in Vienna City. Matthias Franz, actor of the Josefstädter Theater, naturally has a heart for the elderly, and once again wants to help the return of the deceased. He goes to his father temporarily after 25 years to spend the evening together.

But still funny is still funny now.

Does your father give up his son? Does the son make his father incompetent?

Will it all get worse in the end?

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