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Huawei postpones mobile phone folding smartphone ''

Samsung Electronics Huawei Group has delayed the launch of its novel launch smartphone. A spokesman for Huawei said in an interview with CNBC that in September this year, screens will be available for tablet-size devices in the middle of this year. In particular, Huawei manager of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) stressed that the quality of the display, the Mate X model, needs to be improved.

Samsung originally wanted to launch its competitor Galaxy Fold in April. However, the final launch was postponed after several test equipment issued to American journalists failed within a few days. Samsung still has not made a new appointment.

In an interview with CNBC, Huawei said the Auffalt smartphone should run as planned on Google's Android operating system. It was introduced in February about three months before the company was blacklisted. At the same time, Huwase manager Vincent Peng told the Wall Street Journal that Huawei is in negotiations on whether or not it can install common Google apps like Gmail and Maps on their devices.

The White House has warned of US security concerns that US businesses need special permits to work with Huawei. After a while, there were exceptions to the software delivery of smartphones that were already built until mid-August. Huawei has already announced that by spring its own operating system can be introduced as an alternative to marketability.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been found to have weak articulation displays and folding mechanisms. Huawei said he was doing additional testing. Huawei spokesman, CNBC, said, "We do not want to offer products that damage reputation." The Samsung Galaxy Fold is priced at 2,000 euros and Huawei Mate X is priced at 2,300 euros.


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