Sunday , May 16 2021

Kingdom come: Deliverance – New DLC "Gang of Bastards" released – GAMEtainment

Kingdom: Salvation

Deep Silver and Warworth Studio Today announced the expansion of the medieval role-playing game "Bands of Bastards". Kingdom: Salvation For PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Content expansion is now available for your digital platform store.

Kingdom Come: As a new extension of Deliverance, players can join a mercenary group hired to protect travelers on the roads of medieval Bohemia. In a network of old conspiracy and constant hostility between Mr. Radzig Kobyla and other noble families this gang was hired to protect Radzig of Germany. Players join the nasty group of colleagues under the guidance of Kuno von Reichwaldau, who not only helps but also continues to fulfill the mission.

About Band of Bastards

Because the roads around Rattay are not safe, Radzig Kobyla employs the poor and cunning Kuno von Reichwaldau and his notorious mercenary. Radzig sends Heinrich to show men the area … and to suppress their greedy hunger. Together they will patrol the province and soon find out that the archenemies of Radzig have come back from the day gone by to resolve the old bill. The two squads culminate in the inevitable confrontation and do not pay anything in their cruel battle.

  • Battle-based quest line
  • The other endAccording to the player's decision
  • New place "Kunosu Camp"Full of new characters and interesting stories
  • New activity – "Ring of Bacchus"
  • Unique armor set

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