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"Like the Panini Stock Exchange": replicated at the Commonwealth Museum

"Like the Panini Stock Exchange": replicated at the Commonwealth Museum

Parliamentary surveys show that there is no clear distinction between local artists' collections.

Wolfgang Jingle Image: APA / HERBERT NEW BUILDER

Reproduction of the collection of federal museums has always been the cause of excitement in recent years. A survey published by Culture Minister Gernot Blümel (ÖVP) shows that there is no clear distinction between museums, especially modern Austrian artists.

Numerous works such as Arnulf Rainer, Günter Brus, Erwin Wurm and Heimo Zobernig can be found in Albertina, Belvedere, MAK and mumok. Wolfgang Zinggl (see list) 160 artist names from this list are on the list. The focus was on four mentioned museums.

Zinggl requires restructuring and collection of the collection. "The important work is not covered in the federal museum, but the collection policies that remind us of the Panini file-sharing exchange at the Museumsquartier's main football event are the same, but some are unknown," says Zinggl.

Rainer to Brus

Arnulf Rainer now makes 1008 collections of Albertina (493), Belvedere (49), MAK (439), and mumok (27) collections. Herbert Boeckl, one of the best artists of Belvedere, has 311 works, but Albertina has 324 works. Oswald Oberhuber is strongly represented as a work of 138 in the MAK, but his work is collected by Albertina (191), Belvedere (102) and mumok (19) . Hermann Nitsch owns 131 works in mumok, but Albertina has 552 works, more than four times as much as his work.

It is not much different from Günter Brus. The mumok collection has 104 points, but Albertina is four times as many, with 436 points. The race is relatively open in Heimo Zobernig: MAK has 58 works, Albertina works 48, 27 Belvedere, 26 mumok.

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