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Markus Waldner: "Making our sport bad"


It is not usually good news if Markus Walder can watch on TV on a skiing broadcast.

"When the players show that the runners are working well when they approach, the hat can not burn and fall or fall," FIS's race director said.

At Aare's world championships, the 54-year-old South Tyrolean already had more TV appearances than he wanted in terms of weather changes.

Waldner explains why you do not always have to tell the bad news. LAOLA1interview. He also heard criticism of the downhill position of the World Cup and explains why some runners shot their own statements with their own goals.

LAOLA1: What is always bad news?

Markus Waldner: That's part of my job. You must provide answers to avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings. Those who finish do not know what is happening in the mountains. Then you have to explain why you can not stand and drive. You need to provide information so that rumors spreading quickly in ski circuses do not spread. Everyone knows everything, but I do not know the truth. So you should be enlightened. You have to be transparent and speak plain words instead of telling fairy tales.

LAOLA1: What is your most important mission in your position as a FIS Race Director?

"How far can you go to get a list of results you can live with at the end of the day? It's a tightrope play and needs courage."

Baltner: We stand exactly between the team, the runners, and the organizers. We need to find a balance between sporty business and business. You need to know how far you can go and where the limit is. This is the tightest and toughest part. It is clear that we can not please everyone. But how much can you get until the end of the day? It requires a lot of feeling and experience. You need to know the environment as well as the runner. You need to know that you can trust them. This is a very complex task and requires courage and courage.

LAOLA1: What did the race day look like?

Baltner: I go out at 5 in the morning and go home at 10 in the evening. But on the day of the game, everything should be ready, and the preparation of the game is a lot of work. On the day after the man's downhill, we climbed the mountain all day and rebuilt the track. We are moving everyday, and I have no day off in the winter. I can not spend a week on vacation because there are so many racing schedules.

LAOLA1: Is the calendar too tightly planned?

Baltner: There are many reasons why there is no other way. For example, many people said that they should not play in Garmisch on the weekend before the World Cup, but it is the most important game in Germany. You can not beat it. After all, unfortunately, the race was canceled because of the weather, but Germany is a big market.

LAOLA1: At the end of the World Cup, Christof Innerhofer and Beat Feuz criticized. Do you understand the statements of some runners?

Baltner: I understand the emotional response of the target. The excited people found out the medal, but went out with the ball. But it is not a wish but a concert, and outdoor sports. Even when snow falls, it is winter because there is a ski game. It was a good race. It was at the limit, and beyond the limit, but it was not dangerous. That's why we drove. But not because we are under pressure from the organizers or others. We had a feeling of pressure on the weather and forecasts were bad. But it was not dangerous. Otherwise I would have stopped playing immediately. Beat Feuz accelerates by a half and Switzerland will not complain at the podium. Then Vincent Kriechmayr might scold him for his fourth place. Several runners had bats because they could not get on the line they had thought of in training. They are all here to make medals.

LAOLA1: The runner can theoretically speak for himself, but he can do it without starting.

Baltner: Each runner can decide for himself whether he is driving. We are not forcing anyone. The best had the same conditions on Saturday. Manly Hill was fairer than womanly Hill. Ladies and gentlemen, you have been shedding shit from the situation. For every possible person, I showed who was Aksel Lund Svindal. He drives with Haxn. He could not happen in other situations, but he had almost the same conditions but won the race. He showed them everything. The complaining person would rather have paid his respect. I missed it with the runners. On the day of Aksel, goodbye, he did not receive the respect he deserved. He is a true activist, a gentleman. Everyone who has grieved scored his goals and made himself unpopular.

LAOLA1: Are you concerned that there are false statements in sports?

"You can make a rant, but in the end you have to think about how everyone thinks of you, because in the end, if we make ourselves bad, we can not play sports well after all."

Baltner: There is always emotion, and it is a good person. You can scold it, but you have to think about what everyone is saying. Because if we make ourselves bad, we are not good at sports. In the past, there were people like Benni Raich and Mario Matt, but they suffered when they did not go far. But they did not say anything negative. They never complained even though they were in the shit and were rejected by the media. These are stars and activists. Because I know the difference.

LAOLA1: Aare makes an important decision on Wednesday. It is about future combinations.

Baltner: I will vote on the FIS committee without deciding why it will happen to the station wagon. We must live with what is decided. It is a delicate story. It is too political. Of course, the combination was a long tradition, but in Kitzbühel, for example, we canceled. It is simple because there are too few combinations. In the Women's World Cup women's coupe at first there were 25 runners in the slalom, which is ridiculous. Since the association has worked in the wrong direction, many are already engaged in the youth field because they are specialized. The effort to train all areas has become enormous. So there are no more downhill riders, slalom riders, or combiners. If you want to be the top runner today, you must have almost 100 pounds, otherwise you will not be in the elite. How can I get such a slalom? It is not good anymore. This is not a good ad for our sport. Conversely, slalom riders like Marco Schwarz sell well on the way down. It's easier to be good as a slalom runner than to run downhill.

LAOLA1: There are also many discussions about parallel events. Can not track formats and rules as fans

Baltner: We did not invent a parallel competition that was in the United States 40 years ago. Four years ago we took her to the World Cup and developed well. But then the city rules again have different rules and there are also different rules with ladies. So last summer the Working Group began work to standardize the rules. There must be a unified rule from FIS level to World Cup.

LAOLA1: And can I do that?

Baltner: The basic idea is that everybody has to follow and no one is protected. Not even the top runners. The fastest 32 qualify for the main race at that time. How it goes is still under debate. Some want to leave the 16th finale with Run and ReRun, but the race lasts for almost two hours. It may also be possible to run in the 16th round with Run-ReRun and run in 16 rounds on the KO system. These two variants will be discussed again at Aare's FIS Executive Meeting, which the Board will have to approve. Over time, the system takes a long time because it is rather viscous. Now that we want to compete in the 2021 World Cup in Cortina, it is important that we have unified rules. In the World Cup we can award a ball because we want to have at least four events.

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