Sunday , March 26 2023

Messner Diocese must be deported.


Upper Austria. The sacristan (31) of the Gallneukirchen Diocese must be expelled. The man is from Iran and must leave with his wife (26). He converted to Christianity, but he had a new name with his wife, but received a negative asylum application. Mesner Thomas and his girlfriend Elisabeth of Gallneukirchen reported that the name "" reportedly has been registered, converted, and is currently engaged in parishes and communities.

"Turned into a fake"

The federal office for aliens and asylum claims that there is no reason to protect after detailed investigation. The reason for the deportation is presumed to be open only to Christians.

Fear of blood revenge

Klaus Dopler, pastor of Galonikirchner, said he is threatening the couple because they are descendants of a hostile ethnic group in Iran. "Witnesses" can threaten life with the way they describe the situation and threaten me with blood, "said the pastor,

The Iranian couple opposed the negative asylum decision.

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