Wednesday , November 25 2020

NEO nominates Claudia Gamon as top candidate for EU election

Vienna – NEOS, as expected, identified a 30-year-old congressman and a spokesman for Claudia Gamon as top candidates for the May EU election. At a general meeting in Vienna on Saturday, Gamon showed a 95.2% approval rating against Claus Dieter Volko, who was only one of his opponents.

Gamon got 399 votes out of 419 valid votes. Overall, Vorarlberger won the competition in a multi-level election process with 2.85 points out of a total of three possible tiers. These two were the first candidates. A total of 35 interested persons have applied for NEOS for EU elections, but the rest will be selected late in the afternoon.

Immediately after her election after a brief "sober", Gamon thanked the pink supporters for their trust. "Because we are Europe, we are the most honest proposal in Europe.

Even Gamon, like Beate Meinl-Reisinger, stressed "freedom of the person", human rights and liberal democracy. This way of life, life in Europe, is in danger. This election is about "whether Europe can strengthen its sovereignty externally internally compared to global companies such as China, Russia or the United States".

Many years of political experience

The Boralists are not lacking in political experience. Ten years ago she entered politics as she entered college. As a top candidate for Young Liberals, in 2011 she received some first publicity. The daughter of an entrepreneur from Nenzing's liberal base not only finished her exams, she also finished her master's degree in international business administration. I have earned a master's degree in international business administration.

NEOS Gamon joined from the beginning and is one of the founding members. Young liberals with strong influence over her have been turned into JUNOS and have served as vice-presidents. In the battle, the enormous Gamon moved to the national parliament for the first time in Vorarlberg's last state election.

Strong presence in social media

Shortly after, the political career path Gamons was still floating. When today's NEOS President Beate Meinl-Reisinger moved to Landtag in Vienna, Gamon replaced her mission at the National Council. There she was involved in all sorts of topics such as Europe and digitization as well as women and science. She is considered a powerful economic liberal of the party.

In public communications, Gamon relies heavily on social media to enable the public to engage in private as well as political activities. So Gamon likes to run and is a fan of the Game of Thrones series and likes to throw a ball at the ball. Liiert She has been with the hotelier in the Bregenz forest for some time. (APA)

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