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New charges against Japan's Carlos Ghosn | Industry News | car

Japan Procuratorate reported a new charge against former Nissan and Renault chief executive Carlos Ghosn. It deals with alleged theft of the Nissan Fund, reported NHK, a Japanese broadcaster, and Jiji Press, a media company.

After the prosecution has been extended, Goss lawyers may request to rescind the bond. Once a powerful automobile manufacturer was arrested again on April 4 for a new allegation. It has been only a month since I was detained in my birthday. His pre-trial detention, which was extended only 10 days ago, will continue until this week.

The prosecution has transferred a total of $ 65 million of Nissan funds to the Middle East company by the end of 2015 and by mid-2018. Of these, $ 5 million was used for private purposes, funding luxury yachts in particular and investing in a son's company in the United States.

Ghosn has previously been charged with financial misconduct on three charges. He has declared too low a tax on Nissan for years and has passed personal losses to Japanese automakers.

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Ghosn was arrested on November 19th. After a hundred days, he was released under high bail and stringent conditions. A former flagship manager who has led the fate of Renault, the French automaker, for several years, denies all claims and sees himself as a victim of conspiracy. (AFP / APA / Red)

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