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Oberkofler, crime decision for Salzburg –


Graz 99ers kept scoring. After a penalty shot, the Doug Mason team will win against Salzburg. The decisive punishment was used by Daniel Oberkofler.

November 18, 2018 16:31 16:31

Daniel Aubergo Floor
Daniel Aubergo Floor © GEPA Photos

The smallest of the Graz fans was particularly well represented in the showdown against Salzburg because it was a family day at the Grüchers 99ers with sacred fest painting and besieged Pucky in front of the Mükur ice skating game. During the team warm-up period, there were already a lot of people in the rankings, and even in the Graz fan sector, the children were very annoyed.

Special attention was paid to the Salzburg beard before the match. Michael Stitch, Murtaler showed a magnificent mustache and remembers many people. Through this activity (a mix of November and mustache), donations will be raised to study and prevent prostate cancer and other male health problems in the 11th month of the year.

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Michael Stitch Photo © Georg Michl

Friday (0: 1 overtime) It became clear that a completely different game could be expected in this game since Bolzano's defense. Two attack-oriented teams collided in front of a nearly sold-out house. The pace was right from the start and Salzburg did not want to give Gürgen a space for a controlled attack in his area. Graz's first chance Thyrone (5) parried keeper Duke of Luke It is safe. Salzburg was the third attack on the seventh. Bobby Raymond Total – Robin Cream The view was hidden 0: 1. The scorer came out soon. Robin Jacobson, Who scored Grazer's score. There was also Graz's first power play.

But in recent six games, Volvo has not been used. Salzburg did his homework and did not allow the Graz attack to take off. The 99ers tried to get the target right in front of the goal, but it took up a lot of room before the end of the work. A Salzburg person always sneaks into his passport. Nevertheless, the defense of the bulls seemed to be more vulnerable than Bolzano. Once again it came to the gang in a small fight, but it was not even left when young. Significant point: The 99ers made seven single-shot shots in the first 20 minutes.

Graz, middle third match

Grazer immediately got the impulse on board and is rewarded with the game's second overweight game, 1: 1. After 8 times of unused power play, Grays again unarmed. Loney (23) Colton Yellow Horn At the gate, the keeper of the goalkeeper, 87 minutes 43 seconds, collapsed. Grazer's aggressive qualities have always produced the game at eye level, which benefits. We also developed games because the puck became faster and safer through neutral territory.

It started gradually on the enemy land, then succeeded the grader and took the coach. Doug Mason rest. He scored a second goal in the 35th minute after he had tactics on the right. Daniel Aubergo Floor Needle's puck for first time guide. Now the main champ had to refill. But it did not succeed, on the contrary. The owner pushed their game more intensely from minute to minute and suppressed the counterattack on Bud. 2: 1 leads have been acquired.

Salzburg was rewarded.

Salzburg had to react. The game was more aggressive and happened after unused overuse. Mario Hoover I held Robin Rahm in front of the target at Basho. The defender was too far away. For a long time the visor was largely closed. Because at this stage the team did not recognize the decisive goal because they wanted to make a mistake.

Five minutes after the judgment was over, I raised my hand. Salzburg's penalty. Opportunity to make a decision. A special team around the captain Oliver Set Ginger I came to the ice, but Salzburg was energetically attacked with all my strength. The last three minutes of regular time have begun and they are burning. The greatest opportunity left Giuseppe's Giuseppe from: Duke has a 1-meter-long shot. Already like Bolzano, the extra time had to match the 2nd place in the final EBEL final.

Oberkofler decides.

Strikes once again showed a cheerful, actionable quality for both teams and caused a quick blow. In the last 7 seconds, Graz saw more men on the ice but it did not help.

Shootout. The coaches decided they had to appoint three snipers each. Doug Mason hired Matt Caito, Daniel Oberkofler and Robin Weihager, and Greg Poss chose Alexander Rauchenwald, Raphael Herburger and Ryan Duncan.

Caito failed at Duke: 2: 2
Rauchwald met: 2: 3
I met Oberkofler: 3: 3
Herburger failed: 3: 3
Weihager hit: 4: 3
Duncan Goal: 4: 4

Rauchwald started in Salzburg and Rahm fought sensibly. Secondly, Daniel Oberkofler received a fierce applause from the fans on ice and recycled it.

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