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Pröll, Spindelegger, Molterer against Mitterlehner «

A sharp criticism of today's Reinhold Mitterlehner is practiced by his predecessors, Michael Spindelegger, Josef Pröll, and now Wilhelm Molterer. At the end of the book presentation, Mitterlehner settled on the policy of his successor, Kurz.

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Unanimous criticism: Pröll, Spindelegger, Molterer
Unanimous criticism: Pröll, Spindelegger, Molterer © (c) APA / Georg Hochmut (Georg Hochmut)

Whether it is a coincidental act or not, it is uncertain: there were few former ÖVP bosses and vice chancellors. Line Holtmeter Renner Just before the book announcement An unrivaled sweep His successor was opposed to the turquoise blue government. Sebastian Kurz They gave sharp answers to politicians made up of former politicians and politicians.

Spindelegger: "I've got a short ÖVP"

The former foreign exchange boss Michael Spindle LegerMitterlehner's departure was not a conspiracy, but a "salvation of the People's Party." ÖVP fell from one election defeat to the next, Under the Mitterlehner on a meaningless path"Spindelegger said in an announcement. Small newspaper exist. The outcome of the Kurdish political party takeover was finally the Prime Minister of ÖVP, a long-time ÖVP policy and the prevention of red-blue under the president Heinz – Christian StrecherHe said. Spindelegger was considered a sponsor of Kurz and was appointed only Secretary of State. In the summer of 2014, Spindelegger was off the hook for the ÖVP cross shots, including Mitterlehners' Upper Austria.

Pröll: "Mitterlehner was a steward of strikes"

Ex-ÖVP boss with less keen response Josef Furl On one of Small newspaper Comments submitted. Pröll faced Mitterlehner's book, "The Scarred Vanity." "To be honest, we all know the situation of Reinhold Mitterlehner's party, and the deadlocked administration was at the core of a large coalition. ÖVP no longer has a profile. Mitterlehner moved more and more left. With this positioning, Mitterlehner never won the election. "

Malta: "There is no reason to read a book"

ex-ÖVP Superior Wilhelm Mortar In the statement Small newspaper"You do not have to read everything. Because I do not intend to read this book, I can not comment on it and can not say it "

Mikl-Leitner: "disagreement of perception"

Less sharp, but apparently the lower Austrian provincial governor's words have fallen. Johanna Mickle-Littner out. Mikl-Leitner says, "It's easy to know that pain is too much. Small newspaper, In connection with Mitterlehner's statement,There is a slight discrepancy between his self-awareness and reality There is. I do not want to say more about it. Personally I want him to do his best. "

Schausberger: "vanity disappeared"

Sharp criticism of former Governor Salzburg Franz Schausberger, I do not believe it if the assigned politicians do frustration and perform injured vanities. "Schausberger Small newspaper, "I could have done it." If there is no change in the head of ÖVP, perhaps Strache will become a minister. Schausberger explains that he explicitly supports the speech of Mitterlehner legend Michael Spindelegger. He said Mitterlehner's departure was not a conspiracy, but a "relief for the People's Party." "I can expect a change from Spindelegger to Mitterlehner, I do not know why they are complaining now," the former governor said.

ÖVP Happy Birthday

Mitterlehner did not choose a book release date by accident. April 17 is the founding date of the Austrian People's Party. He devoted himself to the principles and values ​​of his party. Therefore, he will remain a member and "critically" take him. In a book entitled "Attitudes," Mitterlehner describes in his perspective the inner struggle of the party leadership and the confrontation of Sebastian Kurz in May 2017.

Specifically, Mitterlehner repeated his vice president for two and a half years. Power struggle with foreign minister at the timeIn essence, Mitterlehner accuses his successor of planning the acquisition of ÖVP in the future. "The grand design is already in place in May 2016, and it has been implemented in 2017." At that time, polls were commissioned to test their chances of winning. "This study found that the better 15 percent of the ÖVP would be, the more controversial it was that Kurtz retreated from Pratt and his party leadership to support the new presidential election.

Mitterlehner: Do not rule out return to politics.

Mitterlehner, who has a turnout as low as 20% below his top team, commented, "What is going on internally is still a very good starting point." If ÖVP has acted consistently, ÖVP would have had a good opportunity under it.Former politician is convinced. His predecessor, Michael Spindelegger, was not intrigued by his replacement, but the "salvation" of the party did not make him angry. If the subject (his book, note) can not be dealt with right now, then "please send people who are not necessarily the top level."

The actual message in his book means the present anyway. "I think we are on a path that is very problematic overall.From liberal democracy to dictatorship democracy"He once again bluntly blamed the turquoise as an example of changing the name of the reception center from the start:" I thought it was a satire. "

For Mitterlehner, at least for the time being, returning to politics is not a problem. "Look, but now I have no inclination at all." He learned to "never try or exempt".

Secret negotiations between Griss and Strolz

The change at the top of SPOW has accelerated disempowerment. Werner Peyman on Christian KornAccording to Mitterlehner, Kurz plans to announce a company representative for possible donations in the summer of 2016. Also, short secret negotiations Irmad Greece and Matthias Strolz Led to the formation of a wide movement. When Kern announced Plan A in January 2018, the situation was one step ahead. "As the government program has never been reissued, the spiral of escalation has continued, and Kern and I should no longer succeed."

Short but then Minister of Interior and Chairman of the National Council of the day Wolfgang Sobotka It is responsible for the interference policy. I felt it was a placeholder for work until the time of the argument was considered auspicious. "The current coalition accuses Mitterlehner of" applying mood and cause-oriented policies to applicable standards. "

At the Kleine Zeitung Salon

On May 8, Reinhold Mitterlehner will present his book at a salon organized by Michael Jungwirth's Kleine Zeitung and Moser bookstore. This book was published today by Ecowin-Verlag (24 Euro).

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