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Protect cheap mobile phones from attack with Google's Adiantum. – Digital Life


Google has developed a new encryption technology to enhance the security of very affordable smartphones. We have all the details.

As a technology company, Google relies on Android devices to fully encrypt file system content. However, it is very cheap to run a smartphone that is excluded from this. A newly developed process called "Adiantum" can now ensure the security of these devices.

Google's "Adiantum": Smartphone Security

The data encryption process makes personal information on the mobile device unreadable. Therefore, if your phone is stolen or lost, incorrect information may be leaked without your permission.

Google is committed to securing data across all devices. According to the group, data security has nothing to do with smartphone pricing. However, the manufacturer's low-power devices are not able to encrypt simple memory contents accordingly and the device is slowing down too much.

As a result, we developed Adiantum, the encryption technology. It relies on a well-known and proven secure algorithm. "Adiantum" will be included in upcoming Linux 5.0. How the process works, the group is now declared in the blog post.

Android devices currently work with AES encryption.

Android devices currently use AES encryption. AES is a symmetric algorithm that we can not decipher as far as we know it (encryption and decryption use the same key).

According to Google, "Adiantum" is five times faster than the AES-256-XTS encoded as a general guideline. Compared to AES, it provides better functionality. For example, if you change a single bit in plain text, the encrypted block looks completely different. The opposite is true.

"Adiantum" is for low power devices only.

If you own a cheaper Android device, we'll soon be providing more data security. However, the new "Adiantum" encryption method is required for all ARMv8-based devices because it is only suitable for low-power devices because hardware accelerated AES is still faster than the new method.

If you like your data, turn on Android encryption and make your phone as secure as Fort Knox. However, for your safety, you can help with some targeting settings on your device. These dangerous 8 Android settings should be stopped immediately.

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