Thursday , February 2 2023

Red Pink Results-Wiener Zeitung Online


We must celebrate the Vienna Greens for this success. In terms of content, they almost completely dominated the negotiations for the new city government. In this regard, the habitually closed town hall SPÖ, surprisingly, came to an agreement with the partner, at least if the intentions of the coalition agreement were actually implemented.

Perhaps the Vienna Green Party will be comforted by this success for its future role in the opposition, with the best election results in history. Instead of an environmental party, Neos will sit with the unchanging dominant SPÖ in the city government. So, anyone who wanted to continue the enemy rust in the election had to choose Neos, neither SPÖ nor Green.

In terms of content, this considerable continuity contrasts with the dynamics that the first red-pink alliance will bring to Austria’s political environment. In this way, SPÖ is working towards a forced expansion of its image to include the subject of climate protection and greening.

Biologist Michael Häupl was able to entrust these central policy areas to his junior partners. Historian Michael Ludwig knows as his successor that SPÖ can only maintain its dominance if he gets at least a clearer profile of these mega and meta themes. The newly decentralized capacity to move the Green Party’s agenda to SPÖ highlights this. It cannot be excluded that Ludwig will transform and shape SPÖ more than his predecessor, promoted to the ideal of the mayor of Vienna.

For Neos, the attraction of the new constellation lies in the first visible participation in the government (their Salzburg region legislators do not play a role in federal politics). It is right to take this opportunity. The willingness to help shape is unfortunately an underrated political character in Austria, but the necessary compromises are systematically distrusted. From the party, the media, and all the activists in between.

In federal government political perception, Rot-Pink is moving Neos to the left. This will especially please ÖVP. In an economically free field, they will no longer have to fear criticism. And since the Green Party is purely successful in terms of content, as a majority procurer, care must be taken not to become unnecessary in terms of power politics.

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