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Vienna. Last July, T-Mobile finally fixed the purchase of cable network provider UPC at € 1.9 billion. It was the largest transaction in the telecommunications industry since the listing of Telekom Austria (A1). Why was Marenta Telekom, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, paying a lot of money? Andreas Bierwirth, president of Marenta telecom, said, "We are now a full service provider of high-speed Internet and mobile services, and we want to be a technology and service leader. In terms of number of customers, Is chasing after the state-owned A1, with a market share of about 30% compared to 40% of A1. "Technically we are on a fixed network, but partly ahead – anyway on mobile," Bierwirth told a modest business journalist Thursday.

The anachronism, the wired meaning, is explained by the huge increase in data volume. 2013 to 2018, 2140% to 491,364 terabytes, up 38% from 2017 to 2018. This is especially the case in cities where you use Internet and streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime over fixed broadband connections. Mobile (4G and soon 5G), which has long been regarded as a killer of cable (fiber optic), is especially important in rural areas.

"We are confident that the high-speed Internet delivery of the deployed area can only be managed with a wired infrastructure," Bierwirth said. Forty per cent (even 90 per cent) of Vienna's households are already connected to the UPC's fiber-optic network. This allows a transfer rate of 1 gigabit per second. Magenta also offers a Gigabit rate plan that UPC customers can now upgrade. She added, "The challenge is to provide fixed networks to mobile customers and make our mobile products delicious for UPC customers." Magenta leverages the majority of A1's copper-based networks. Provide infrastructure to other companies.

16 lane information highway

The new mobile radio standard, 5G Bierwirth, puts his company at the front anyway. Compared to the current federal highway, the 16-lane data highway will bring a complete paradigm shift as well as applications. However, Bierwirth emphasized that "the amount of data explodes so much that the amount of data becomes unreasonable." So there will be a new tariff model with unlimited data. You will pay more for higher speeds. "There will be a new set of rules." Bierwirth is also ahead of the Magenta TV available through the application. The goal is to make it accessible via Magenta TV through a partnership between Netflix and Co. (Id)

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