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Sofia Vegas is a luxury villa in Beverly Hills.

Sophia Vegas now lives under palm trees.

New mom Sofia Vegas (31) has moved to a huge luxury villa! She has given us a unique insight into the new home and may even say, "A place for a second baby – maybe a magic moment." Soprano Vegas can be seen on video to see how good Vegas lives in Beverly Hills.

"I am very happy now."

The Vegas couple in Los Angeles seem to be doing really well. Fairy-tale porches, huge kitchens, gorgeous pools and palm trees in the garden – floor space of about 500 square meters. However, it seems to be a problem for all women regardless of how big they are. Closet Sofia If the entire dressing room is too small!

"Actually, I'll need the whole room for myself, but I'll have to get it all out, but now I'm very happy," says the 31-year-old. More dream houses to watch on video.

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