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Strache is under pressure after the "Decoy" video.

~ ————————————————- ——————– CORRECTION NOTICE On APA568 on 17.05.2019, the second sentence of the first paragraph should be read correctly. Millions of donations … Millionaire donations …) ———————————— ——– ————————- Vienna (APA) – Just before EU elections, Vice-President Heinz Kristian Strash is under pressure There is. "Spiegel" and "SZ" released their secretly filmed video on Friday. In July 2017, the leader of FPÖ talked about the investor and the millionaire fundraising order for the Russian investor Ibiza – a high donation from Austria.

The opposition party demanded immediate results from the resignation of Strache to the new elections. It is unclear how ÖVP will react for a while. She issued a statement on Saturday by Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz. FPÖ rejected all the cash flows mentioned and started counterattacking.

Secretary General Christian Hafenecker said in a media report that benefited from the publication just before the election, "I remembered the dirty Silberstein way back in 2017 at the National Assembly election." He announced legal action because of the "apparently illegal" reception.

Strache and FPÖ club boss Johann Gudenus stressed that Hafenecker was stressed on the other side of "Mirror" and "SZ" and did not receive a donation. FPÖ said, "They did not benefit from or benefit from these people." And Strache has emphasized the need to comply with the relevant legal provisions and the Austrian legal system in this dialogue.

The videos of the six-hour Straches and Gudenus with the niggers of the Russian oligarchs were leaked to "Spiegel" and "SZ". It is clear that they were organized into traps for FPÖ politicians. The "bait" is known to have invested € 2.5 billion in Austria and suggests it is a black money law. Strache and Gudenus still talk about investment opportunities.

In October 2017, Strache elected a video clip of "very affluent" election campaigns to the National Board of Directors, paying between € 500,000 and € 2,000,000 for a nonprofit organization and not reporting to the Board of Audit. Strache calls u.a. Weapons maker Gaston Glock, billionaire Heidi Goess-Horten, entrepreneur Rene Benko and game group Novomatic. Four people immediately denied that they donated to FPÖ.

Currently, the Vice Chancellor is promising a public contract for women in road construction. "The first thing we can promise today is that Haselsteiner is no longer being ordered," he says. Hans Peter Haselsteiner is a long-time CEO and co-owner of the construction group Strabag.

Strache also dreams of the acquisition of "Kronen Zeitung": "We can buy Kronen Zeitung three weeks before the election and bring us for the first time, so we can talk about everything," Strache said. Because: "Crown" pushes FPÖ two times three weeks before the election, "Then we will not make 27. Then we make 34 percent.

It was also an incitement to other parties. No one will know that the FPÖ is behind if it is possible to procure compromising materials for the political rivals' personal lives and launch them overseas. "If we can make a picture from one side we can do abroad, we believe the other, the other is it, and the nuclear war begins. We have to write a trick that makes one side look like the other side can attack "

Strache calls Strach "the biggest whore on the planet anyway" – except Richard Schmitt, editor of "Krone online". President FPÖ also says he wants to design an Austrian media system for the Hungarian model. Viktor Orban Right to the Conservative Party Governor's press freedom was severely limited.

Strache and Gudenus did not express themselves on Friday night, but confirmed the "SZ" and "Spiegel" requested at the meeting, but denied breaking the law. It was a "purely personal" meeting in the "informal wet atmosphere of a relaxed atmosphere". Strache repeatedly stated, "In this discussion on all matters, we repeatedly mentioned the need to comply with the relevant law provisions and the Austrian legal system." He wrote that the FPÖ "would never have benefited" from those mentioned.

The opposition demanded results from the resignation of Strache to the new election. "It's time to end this ghost," said Parmela Rendi-Wagner, SPME's spearheading the resignation of Strache, "the only way for the prime minister of the Supreme Court is to be a federal president." From the perspective of NEOS President Beate Meinl-Reisinger, "there is no way around the new elections"; Strache and Gudenus are ready to resign. Club members do not think that Strache is unacceptable as Vice-Chancellor, and Kurz "should be released immediately". Werner Kogler of the Greens only sees only one possibility: "The government with this youthful gang revokes, or he becomes unbearable."

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