Friday , August 12 2022

The Daimler executive committee by division should be the boss of the Thyssenekian board of directors.


Essen / Stuttgart (APA / Reuters) – Retiring Daimler CFO Bodo Uebber is chairman of the Supervisory Board of Thyssenkrupp, a German Voices Alpine competitor undergoing restructuring. Uebber must first be appointed to the Supervisory Board to serve as Chairman.

For the first time Personalie reported "Handelsblatt". The newspaper said it is currently discussing scheduled discussions and other detailed plans. Uebber is unlikely to retire.

Uebber will stop in 2019 from Daimler to CFO. He was considered a candidate for CEO and is currently being taken over by his board member Ola Källenius. After leaving Daimler Uebber, I had time to join in the complex reconstruction of Thyssenkrupp. He has experience in restructuring. At Daimler, he was part of a leadership team that brought the group back after a failed merger with Chrysler. Daimler and ThyssenKrupp did not want to comment on this report either.

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