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The first beta version of Android Q.

The first beta version of Android Q.

Mountain View. More features and support for folding mobile phones have made it even clearer.

The first beta version of Android Q.

Android Q will be released in August. Photo: Samsung / Google

Google tastes Android users for the next version of the mobile operating system. A beta version of Android Q (also known as Android 10) has recently been released. Owners of Pixel smartphones can download and test.

Google is the biggest news store in May at the in-house developer conference I / O, but there are already new features to discover. summary :

Dark mode: Google uses a black background in this new mode. Dark mode accesses the entire system and apps.

Permission overview: Android developers try to make each app's permissions clearer. Users can now see at a glance which apps can access the camera.

The Back button disappears. Slowly but surely Google will say goodbye to the back button. In the current version of Android P, this is always visible when you need it. The gesture was revised by the developer.

Share and forward: If you want to share photos, it can be a lot more cumbersome than before (app-wide).

Unlock with Face ID: Some manufacturers have already introduced face recognition and are now part of the operating system.

Apps in the background: Applications can start new activities only when in the foreground. This is to stop the fraudulent app.

Folding phone features: With the advent of folding smartphones, we need to change the operating system to suit the new environment.

WLAN: You can save the WLAN in Settings and forward it to other users via QR code.

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