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This is the fastest way to achieve weight loss

What training will allow fast weight loss?

As for losing excess pounds, we are looking for the fastest and most effective way to lose weight. This raises the question of whether short high intensity training is more effective in weight loss than long term cardio exercise.

Researchers at the Federal University of Goiás in Brazil have found that recent studies have shown that weight loss, HIIT training, or long cardio work effectively. Experts have published their findings in the British journal "British Journal of Sports Medicine".

Many people try to be healthy and slim through sports training. But what form of training actually leads to the most effective weight loss? (Photo caption: fizkes /

Advantages of HIIT training

The results of the new study showed that short high intensity training (HIIT training) is more effective in weight loss than normal regular training. The health benefits of interval training have been studied several times in the past, and previous studies have concluded that such training can accelerate metabolism. Interval training consists of short, intensive workouts and short breaks. This type of training can be used in other forms of running, swimming, cycling or cardiovascular exercise.

36 studies were evaluated.

Aside from this benefit, many people are wondering what form of exercise is a better way to lose weight. Doctors analyzed more than 36 studies. They evaluated a total of 576 men and 522 women. Participants were all 10 to 70 years old. All subjects were trained in each study for at least 4 weeks. Some participants were spaced and other subjects exercised longer and moderate for 30-45 minutes each.

Weight loss has been improved with HIIT training.

In data analysis, scientists have found that all participants lose weight through training, whether they have completed regular interval training or long-term training. However, subjects who did HIIT training (high intensity interval training) showed a 28.5% higher weight loss. Interval training reduced the average body weight by 1.58 kg compared to an average weight loss of 1.13 kg for a moderate low intensity athlete.

HIIT education is not for everyone.

However, doctors pointed out that interval training may not be the ideal form of exercise for everyone. It is important to recognize the potential risks and limitations associated with high intensity training, scientists say. For example, this type of exercise can increase the risk of injury and cause a greater cardiovascular burden.

Sprint interval training is the most effective form of weight loss.

Studies have shown that sprint interval training is the most effective form of weight loss. It has proven to be more effective in combination with regular regular exercise. Adults aged 19 to 64 are advised to perform at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise each week, such as cycling and walking, along with at least 2 days of exercise intensity training a week. Or heavy aerobic activities such as running or tennis should be combined with two force training sessions each week for 75 minutes. (AS)

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