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Treatment Brisk: Things to know to give up healthy


Fasting is tradition in almost every religion. 40 days for Christians Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Repentance until Eve Eve is considered a period of repentance, reflection, and conversion. Muslim fasting During the fasting month From Ramadan to dawn until dawn, Buddhist monks and nuns from 12 noon to noon every day, and controlled and reduced food intake in Hindu play an important role.

Unlike when there is a faithful fast, they all promise the same thing. Inner meditation and strength. The abandonment of material demands must create a sense of intimacy with God.

Every second, Germans think it is reasonable to advance certain stimulants or consumer goods during puberty for several weeks. According to the DAK survey, beer, wine or chocolate are believed to be almost without them. Conversely, so-called online fasting, so with every 5th singular approval, termination of smart phones and computers in free time.

Not everyone is fasting for religious reasons. But some people confused fasting and lightning. However, timeouts for souls, mental and physical bodies are not appropriate for eliminating excess pounds. Because it is the fastest recovery after fasting.

Fasting: The first three days are the worst.

If you do not have medical support, do not fast over a week. The first 3 days are usually the worst because the body has to switch at the beginning of fasting treatment. Thoughts can often cause eating, dizziness or headaches, and some people are frozen or tired. This will happen soon. If so, mostly positive emotions dominate, and life becomes slower and more intense. Many fasting people feel good and happy. Even when you do not eat food, your heart swells.

For many fasting methods, hard food is prohibited. The average daily intake of 250-300 calories, average 1500-3000 calories, rather than the main form of drink is ingested. The difference is to reduce your metabolism and catch yourself by lowering your own energy holdings (ie, fat and muscle mass). A little movement prevents muscle weakness and promotes fat metabolism instead.

Initially, relief for 1-3 days begins when foods rich in fiber and easily digestible, such as fruits and rice, are still acceptable. Also, the bowel is fasted and cleaned with the enema. Warm body is often used to stimulate blood circulation and stimulate metabolism. It is important to drink at least 2 to 2.5 liters a day during fasting to replace the liquid that is absorbed through the meal. It is absolutely necessary to cultivate for 3 to 4 days when the body slowly gets used to food in Lent. If you reach for Schnitzel too quickly, your stomach is overloaded and you risk a clamp and colic.

Contraindications: Who should fast under medical supervision?

However, curing fasting is not suitable for everyone. People who take medication or have a chronic illness should do it without food or under medical supervision. It also applies to people who suffer from severe obesity, severe allergies, depression or eating disorders. Women, children, heart disease, HIV infection or seriously underweight women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should refrain from fasting.

Summary of fasting

Most fasting alone or in groups – follow a certain method. Particularly well known is the treatment after Buchinger, F. X. Mayr or Schrothkur. Choices are often made by intuition, and other therapies are not suitable for everyone. When and which method is appropriate.

1. Buchinger after treatment fasting

The best known fasting method is Med fasting therapy. Be Otto Buchinger. The former medical officer of the Imperial Navy cured himself with fasting even in severe joint rheumatism. When Buchinger fastens for tea or water, juices and vegetable broth are allowed, but there is no solid food. Relieve it with light food such as rice, fruit and vegetables for two days, then empty the bowels with Epsom salts and enema. Exercise in fresh air is also part of the program. If you want to try classic Buchinger therapy for 3 weeks, you should visit the fasting clinic. With the help of shorter steps and a guidebook, this method can be tested at home.

Healthy people can easily fast in a week after Buchinger. This is the way to change your lifestyle and change your diet for a long time. Fasting during hospitalization has also proven to relieve rheumatic pain for four weeks and help fight high blood pressure. But the important thing in this case is that Buchinger's fasting is medically accompanied. People with type 2 diabetes are more sensitive to insulin supply, which helps the body.

2. Fasting tea and water

Those who follow the principles of "fasting" or "not at all" can consider pure water and tea fasting. However, using such a zero-calorie diet does not actually supply vitamins, minerals and trace elements to your body. For a short time, for about a week, the body can compensate for the loss of food with the help of its reserves. Longer periods of fasting can lead to muscle weakness, cardiovascular disorders, and weakness. In addition, the body needs the minerals needed for bones and teeth. Apart from that, it is difficult to sustain with proper fasting methods and can dislike many beverages. Juice – for example, vegetable juices or juice spritzer – thus offers a pretty welcome change from water solubility monotony.

Car treatment fasting is a very strict type of fasting, and the intervention of the metabolism is powerful. Anyone who does not have the right Buchinger treatment should do so.

Food for the interior

3. Schleswig Therapy

The Schroth treatment, developed by Carter and later by natural herbal therapist Johann Schroth, is much more advanced than strict car fasting, which may be drunk. There are three important elements of this method: no fat, no salty, low protein diet, except for fasting (including dry and drink days and Schroth-headed wraps). Like sauna sessions, the full-body wrap stimulates metabolism and "cleanses" the body by promoting the excretion of toxins through the skin. On dry and dry days, drink plenty of liquid in small increments without drinking tea or medicines or fruit juices or drinking dry wines.

Schroth therapy is not suitable for dry alcoholics, pregnant and nursing women, children, adolescents, cancer and other infectious patients as well as eating disorders. I believe it is simply wrong when the fasting "slag" in your body is melted and discarded. Since the mucosa is constantly regenerated, there is no substance deposited there, and substances that can not be recycled are constantly excreted through the kidneys or intestines. In Germany, the original process is not only scientifically controversial, but generally dry days and alcohol are harmful to the body. Therefore, many doctors reject this treatment and scientific studies of efficacy are not possible.

4. F. X. Mayr Therapy

Franz Xaver Mayr, an Austrian physician, has developed a three-step rehabilitation treatment called "protection, cleansing and training". Fasting and diet release digestive organs, cleansing of liquids and bowels cleans the body, and slow meals improve eating habits. At least three weeks of treatment begins with fasting of pure tea and water, followed by the cleansing of the intestines. During fasting, you should clean your body before a healthy diet begins.

Then follow the Semmel diet. Old rolls for chewing 40-60 hours of breakfast are promoting slow and discreet foods and relieving the intestines. Diet with vegetables, ripe fruits, fresh herbs, low fat and salt and almost a lot of meat joins. 3 to 5 liters of water, herbal tea and vegetable broth are allowed throughout the day. Daily abdomen massage should promote digestion.

Mayr therapy is suitable for people of all ages, even children. Even pregnant women can fast this way. However, people with mental illness and acute, infectious diseases are encouraged to do so. Because Mayr therapy trains conscious and slow food, it is also good for making permanent changes in eating habits such as ripe fruits, fresh herbs, low fat, salt and meat, and light meals. This way, you should fast for at least three weeks and do so under the guidance of a specialist.

Practical check: How well can fasting be integrated into everyday life?

A typical day of fasting consists essentially of questions about what liquid is being taken. For example, rosemary tea in the morning and water in the morning. At lunch time, the program will show potato soup with half potatoes, half carrots and some leek. Relax through the sieve, taste it with a little spice (salt-free) and enjoy it with water.

After a walk in the afternoon, ginger tea is delicious. Early evening, 1/3 juice and 2/3 water grape juice sprig is served. Or pour the juice into the wine glass and enjoy the luxury slowly. He drinks lemon balm or lavender tea for a bath that is not too hot. Perhaps pinch the honey.

Changes take time. Many fasting people complain of headaches, nausea, weak circulation, especially at the beginning of hunger. Carbohydrates remaining in the liver during the first two to three days are first degraded. Then muscle and fat proteins get into your abdomen and buttocks. The body reduces energy consumption at the same time.

It is usually easier on the fourth day. The concentration of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol in the body is decreasing, and the happy hormone serotonin is increasingly used. The smell and flavor are more intense and many people feel calm. For some, the time of meditation leads to oppressed grief or anxiety. Many fasting people hope for the cleansing effect of fasting. In fact, fat deposits are broken down and released from there, accumulating toxins to excrete the body. However, fasting is not a health holiday, but intervenes in the metabolism that has a strong impact on the body and mind. Those who want to try early should have the best vacation and leave their daily lives during this time.

Conclusion: What is fasting?

Fasting is not diet. However, those who want to change their diet over a long period of time can easily implement better intentions after a fasting day. It is easier to use the food slowly and consciously and discard the candy bar after eating a week of soup or light food.

There is an increasing indication that cessation of fasting can have a positive impact on your health. Rheumatism, hypertension or type 2 diabetes, and many people report that they simply refrain from eating.

Finally, the border experience makes you feel proud of fasting and strengthens your resilience in dietary changes. If you want to try fasting, you should start small and refrain from food at first. Jesus does not have to be 40 days to go to the desert to starve.

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