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World Championship Medals for the first time since 1997 ÖSV-Raceboarder in WM «

For the first time since 1997, Austrian laceboarders stayed in Park City's two World Cup matches before the FIS title without precious metals. On the eve of a huge slalom race in Park City, snowboarders on the eve of the game climbed into the quarter-finals of a parallel slalom. Defending champion Andreas Prommegger took sixth place and Savinev Chef finished seventh.

23:07, February 5, 2019

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Russian Dmitry Loginov celebrated twice in Utah. In the slalom finale, the 19-year-old Snowboarder defeated Roland Fischnaller, two former Tyrol champions who crashed. For women, Julie Zogg won the slalom for the first time and won the surprisingly strong Annamari Dantscha (UKR). Stefan Baumeister of Germany was twice in third place in heavy snow and ski conditions.

Prommegger, a double world champion, was defeated by PGS Champion Dmitrij Loginow (RUS) the previous day, this time in 1.86 seconds. "We did not think so," the 38-year-old said. "I did my best in difficult situations." Salzburg has proved to be much faster in blue because his competitors compete on the red course because they are not qualified for young Russians. Even his brave debut Arvid Auner failed to overcome 0.54 seconds with Dmitrij Sarsembajew, and the 22-year-old was ranked 8th.

Russia Sarsembajew also removed Benjamin Karl (+1.69) in the first round. So the four-man world champion is the first to be at the world championship since 2009. "It's hard when opposition to your favorite conditions prevails," Rohr said in an ORF interview in Austria. He lost his qualification on a huge goal after a major problem occurred. Even Lukas Mathies failed in their first finals tournament and Fischnaller was the best qualified and 0.48 seconds faster.

Schöffmann had to win (+0.39) in the quarter-final of Ramona Hofmeister of Germany. "It is disappointing that I did not achieve what I planned," Karin Thien, 29, said. "The eighth place is not so bad, but I lost it in qualifying." She retired because of a slower time in the quarter finals on the Red Crescent. The borderline placed in the feces was able to choose the course. Defending champion Daniela Ulbing failed in the first round (+1.14 seconds) in Maria Walsa (Russia Maria Woola, Russia).

ÖSVV coach Ingemar Walder said he had to postpone competition under the winning conditions. "We do not think it's a good ad for sports," said Tyrolian. "Also Blue Course was much quicker." Warder's conclusion: "We are below value because we are one of the best teams in the World Cup."

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