Friday , December 4 2020

& # 39; I want to make good songs viral. & # 39;

Gunny music director Shawkat Ali Emon In his long and successful career, he has had many listening songs. His contribution to film music in particular can not be denied. Emon continued to work on about 400 movies. Meanwhile, he has 300 songs in every song. The number of songs produced in the movie is 2000. Meanwhile, the list of popular songs is quite long. Finally, the "Dil Dil Dil" song received a huge audience for melodies and music. Imran and Ghana voiced their song. In the meantime, I am working for a new venture every day. But I am still going for a long time. He sat in his studio and made songs for movies and audio. How are you doing? How about today? Shawkat Ali Imon said in the north, I am really good. But after I become a Bulbul's brother, I will be nullified. There is nothing new for him. I worked as an assistant for almost 5 years. I am today because of his 80% of Bulbul Bhai. But I have not seen him talk to him loudly for so long, talking to him so loudly. Bulbul's sister left. Brothers Alauddin are also seriously ill. Previously, Ayub Bachchu, Shammi Akhter, Bari Siddiqui, etc. have disappeared. In fact, bot trees are peeling off one by one. The shadow seems to be moving away from the head. Now there will probably be eight tombs of ten. If you go back to this problem, you will face a threat. Now come in a little different context. How about music? Emon said that busy is always there. But now the film work has been greatly reduced. I'm not the only one. The status of the movie has now dropped to zero. I'm still taking some pictures. It is also the singer of other artists. What is the condition of movie music? Emon said with confidence that the policy did not follow. Then again, the state of the country has diminished. Below the group are many pictures and pictures. We are very dependent on India. The photos are taken from there. Then the principle of collaboration photography is not allowed again. Joint paintings show that most artists are India. Learn more about songs. I've been talking about this before. However, nothing belongs to ourselves. That's why third parties get the opportunity. Bulbul Bhai is dead. I have brought flowers from various associations to pay homage to him. But there was no music association or organization. This is our failure. Our song is on stage now. Where are you going? Emon said. Now we are at an unstable stage of the song. But I do not worry about the recent viral songs. This is because songs in the third class are also viral. I hope the real song becomes viral. Nevertheless, I still have good music. But they are not telling the crowd. Previously there were 850 movie theaters nationwide. Now this figure has dropped from 100 to 150. The competition for 100 TV channels with remote controls has become even more intense. But reduce your dependence on neighboring countries. And the culture of the country will have to love from the heart. What do you think of the younger generation? In response, Emon said many composers of this generation are working well. But I say that guru muki education is necessary as a senior. There must be a spirit of learning. I have more hits now. I have to get out of there. Many people write, sing, hear, and praise. I really can not. Get out of here.

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