Monday , September 26 2022

& # 39; Miraz is a very funny figure & # 39;


Mushfiq was the eighth wicket with Miraz. Photo: Prothom Alo

When Mehedi Hasan Miraz came to the turnstile, Bangladesh lost seven wickets. Mushfiqur Rahim doubts whether he can be two centuries old. With Miraz, I finally removed the charges.

When Mehedi Hasan Miraj came to the ticket gate, Bangladesh lost seven wickets. Mushfiqur Rahim recorded an unbeaten 143. Mushfiq had to return to Mirpur's ticket. If he could not get to the ticket gate, he had to go back to the second century. How can you do with Mustafizur Rahman and Khaled Ahmed?

The companion, Miraz, installed a wicket at the wicket so that Mushfiq could move to doubles. As soon as I went forward, both of the 8th wicket records were recorded. 144 points in this match, which is the best of Bangladesh at the eighth wicket of the test. Miraj remained unbeatable at 68 while Mirafiqur remained invincible at 219.

"I always enjoy Miraz and batting," Mushfiq said, "she is a very good boy, a very funny character, he is always fun on the field, he looked like he was hitting me. His company is always fun, I always said he has great potential, his concentration and suffix is ​​the biggest.

Mushfiq played 2 games with Miraj in the test. He scored 87 points in the seventh wicket at the first inning of the Heidebad Test in India last year. Mirage received his first 50 test. Mushfiq has recorded centuries. Today, Miraj got the second test 50, Mushfiqq double double century. Mushfiq had another partnership with Miraj at the 7th wicket at Galle Test last year in Sri Lanka. In the first innings, the duo added 106 runs. It was not difficult to take three wickets on the day when Mushfiq did not run 41 runs.

"As a 22 year old companion, Miraz is very positive and inspires others," Mushfiq said. "He may miss the opportunity many times. In today's blow he can be the most important player. I try to tell them all this. But he knows everything. When I played brothers, outer (lump) balls, I played away! To him, "You know, why still?" Very funny boy. I always enjoy riding with him. Just like any other, two of them took the test. I was folded twice. One lost her (50). (Last year) Galle first test 45 points (actually 41 points). I lost my century (85) in the game because of it. I did not get any partners after she left. Today, I told him "until at least two centuries have come."

Miraz did it. Mushfiq has done double & # 39; s. Mirage himself got 50 points. The Bangladesh team is in a good position.

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