Monday , January 30 2023

A Plus in China that owns the Indian Apple market


Sharebiz Desk: One of the most preferred smartphone brands in the Indian market is Apple. But over the last few months, the iPhone has lost its spot in the Indian market. On the other hand, the market is holding onto China One Plus. Experts believe that the problem of the iPhone has also increased in the Chinese company OnePlus market. The biggest reason is iPhone price. Khabar: Anand Bazar.
Experts say that smartphones in markets such as the iPhone are somewhat difficult to survive, with the average income of Indian people. Since Apple phones have recently been introduced in the Indian market, its value is about Rs 76,000 in Indian currency. This price is more than double the price of the phone.
Customers are more focused on issues such as processors, cameras, and storage when they buy smartphones. According to them, the features found on the iPhone can be used in more mobile environments on other mobile devices. So they do not feel that buying an iPhone is special.
Experts say Apple faces many administrative problems in the Indian market. This year, Apple lost some senior employees in India. Apple did not comment on this. Apple has reduced the number of distributors in advance. Initially, the number of distributors was five, but now two. As a result, we can say that Apple is experiencing problems in the Indian market for a number of reasons as well as price. And remember, like many other companies, Apple does not make their own phones. They just call from India. The amount is very small. As a result, it's almost impossible to offer a smartphone at a price just like any other company.
In India's mobile phone market, this mobile phone company does a fairly good job, but Apple could not. Apple's outlet sales executives say that almost all of Apple's features are available at low prices on other handsets. When some phones saw something like Apple, the iPhone was more damaged in the Indian market.

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