Sunday , May 16 2021

ACC's findings and Salahuddin's statement

Chairman of the Bangladesh Football Association (Kazi Salahuddin). Prothom-alo file image

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) brought the BFF chair to court. The Bangladesh International Football Federation (BFF) has sent a letter to Kazi Salauddin as part of an investigation into irregularities and money laundering charges.

& # 39; In the past there was once a golden past. Now that part went to the grave. BFF has been linked to corruption. Last May, the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) elected the twice-elected Vice President and former footballer Badal Roy. According to the current Vice President of the BFF, how terrible is the situation inside the nation's top football organization.

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) brought the BFF chair to court. ACC sent a letter to President Kazi Salauddin of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) as part of an investigation into fraud and money laundering charges. The survey is also being conducted on two top officials of the United States' top football associations, including the BFF president. They are the executive committee of the BFF and the Women's Committee Chairman Mahfuza Akhter Kiran and Chief Accountant Abu Hossain. A letter sent with the BFF Chairman was asked to submit a record to ACC on the 7th of this month.

BFF wants a specific document on 11 related issues. Bafuf is Chairman of Bafufe and has written a special audit report from 2008 to 2008, details of the bank account details of the BFF, details of the amount and expenditure received from FIFA for the establishment of the Football Academy at Sylhet BKSP, and 2008-2008.

As for the ACC's letter, President Bafufe Salauddin said, "I saw that the letter came, I also saw the issue of the letter, ACC raised some accusations. They asked for a few reports four or five years ago: FIFA audits, before the BFF elections before the AFC audit, & # 39;

But the question is why are you searching for three specific searches? Salahuddin replied to the question, "As president, I wrote to me, but I did not understand Kiran 's problem, and he did not charge him.

In the middle of last year, ACC began looking for Quazi Salauddin and two others. ACC Deputy Director Ahmuruzzaman has begun to search. Another officer, Nasir Uddin, is responsible for searching for an officer returning to the army. He sent a letter to President BFF. The main complaint is mentioned in the letter. Related records are being sought to investigate allegations of corruption through corruption and corruption by BFF President Kazi Salauddin and others.

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