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Arambagh wants to defeat Abahani.


Bangladesh, March 9 Cambodia and FIFA play friendly matches. National team manager Jamie Dew teamed up before the game. Bangladesh Premier League as well as the English Championship coach in the Champions League. Yami Day also played at the Kamala pool stadium to watch the Bangladesh championship game yesterday. Jamie Dey, who returned from T & T and Agrani Bank, said he plans to form a team ahead of the AFC U-23 Championship. So we went to see this game to test the freshmen. Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Premier League is facing Rafikuddin Bhuiyan stadium in Mymensingh, Dhaka Abahani, and Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club in Bangabandhu Stadium in Dhaka. There is a desire that Brothers and Sheikh Jamal play in these two games. Jamie Dore.
Arab League Arambagh Khel Sangh has played in the Premier League so far. They won three out of four matches at the Rafikuddin Stadium, Mymensingh's home arena. Team coach Maruf Haque planned to kill Abahani in this place. Her belief is that even if the boys continue to play, it is possible to lead the game to victory. Mohammed, Saif and Chittagh Abahani defeated Sheikh Russel 1-0 at home and lost in the next three games of Arambach. But in the fifth game, Shikh Jamal assesses the speed at which he means Motijheel Club – Pool Team. But Abahani is in a good position and in good condition. The champion has won four of five matches so far. Their position with 12 points on the top of the table. Abahani boss Satyajit Das Rupu wants to keep this position. Sheikh Jamal, on the other hand, found rhythm in the past two games that lost rhythm. The winner lost 3 points in the last three games and won 2-0 in the fourth game against BJMC. Joseph Afusi's followers brought Arambagh to the ground. Afsir believes that his boy will continue to win the streak in this fight. "I felt very nervous at the beginning of the league, and there were a lot of injuries to King Solomon, they are doing well slowly, and the team is playing well, hopefully today we can win against Besta," said Nigerian coach. Sheikh Jamal will take part in the league after failing in three long league matches to overcome the failure. Joseph Afusi believes so. Sheikh Jamal (Sheikh Jamal) brothers are only three points in a match in less than a match.

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