Friday , December 4 2020

At first, Your Majesty, the Center Charles, eventually, the song of the bunker bat

Soumya's start was good, but the innings did not get bigger. Photo: Prothom Alo

Today was a good start. But the inning was not tall. However, Rajshahi scored 198 points for the last five wickets with a decent start.

There have been many stories about government forms for a long time. BPL will be very bad. It is the top hitters of southpaw. Today, Soumya started to answer all the questions.

Start is not bad either. The way Chittagong 's Vikings & Naeem Hasan and Khaled Ahmed crossed the border was like Soumyaar tonight. But it is not. Before catching a long-held Khush, Mushfiq did 26 runs on 20 balls from 5 borders. However, Soumya, Rajshahi's favors scored 50 points on Power Play. Left-handed openers increased anger. If at least five more times were possible, the check would have been very long.

Your Majesty, the Caribbean partner, John Charles, has returned to the opening fair (Fifty). Charles-Laurie Evans added a second wicket partnership of 70 points from 54 balls. Ryan is Ischate and Christian Junker eventually gave Rajshahi a challenging score. Nasim has hat-tricked on Daskot's 16th cap!

Twelve runners ran out. Proteas ran 37 times before being dissolved for 17 days. Rajsahi scored the last goal for Rabiul Haque. Rabiul Haq left two balls with two 'insurance companies' after the innings!

A lot of 199 goals are very important. However, Chittagong's hitting friendly wickets, night dew and organizer support will give confidence to the tournament.

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