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Australia donated children to India.


Two of Sehwag 's Australian Baby & # 39; Collected images Australia has one day of testing and series in Australia, Australia will travel to India in the absence of their memories, Australia is coming to India with two 20 tournaments and 5 one day tours, and Virender Sehwag I appeared on the TV screen for the tour. Ost Bholeni TV broadcast channel eliyake digging responsibility.

At the beginning of the ad, a group of adolescents admitted to the dressing room with their Australian uniforms. With that he said in the voice of Sehwag, & # 39; Ole Ole Ole. Who came? The Australian army has arrived. Ole Ole Ole. "Sehwag said he was going to sit the kids on his lap.When we came to Australia when we went to Australia, they told Baba to sit in bed.We said everyone would come.

Now let's go deep into the story. The Australian captain, Tim Paine, was delighted with Rishabh Ponty in the Australian Melbourne test. Pane said, "Paine, because Ponting might not have been able to play because of the ODI series Mahendra Singh Dhoni," MS goes back to the ODI team. Can be sent to Hobart Hurricane (Pontus). We need a bat. Pants, what is your choice? Take a closer look at Australia. Hobarte also saves you a wonderful city, has a creaky apartment and invites you for dinner. Can you sit in bed? I will see a young girl watching a movie with my wife.

Ponty responded to a nice sled ride. Pantai took a picture of two children on the penn family and their lap. Boni Instagram's wife, Boni Instagram, has published "The Best Babysitter". After such an advertisement in Australia before traveling to India, it reminds me of the fun story of star sports. The Australian team seems to have asked everyone to return to India with their children. They did not want to leave the children, but they still did not feel there, and they still seemed to be there.

But wait until the end to understand that advertised children are advertised to the Australian team. When I see my pants wet because of a child lying on my lap, Sebag's face is self-expression. & # 39; Watch our concentration, do not steal again & # 39; There is no difficulty in understanding the point. Australia warned that India is a more terrible country.

The trip to Australia in Australia begins on February 24th with the first Twenty20 in Vishakhapatam. The March 1 day schedule starts on March 13th.

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