Tuesday , May 30 2023

Bangladesh Premier League football again


The Bangladesh Premier League football league will start on November 30th, but the Independent Cup will start from that day. However, the League did not confirm the start of the Premier League. This issue was reported by the chairman of the Salam Murshedi League committee. In addition, the number of venues is decreasing. The venue was due to be held at 8 locations due to Sylhet. At the last minute, however, the cheetahs are excluded.

On Thursday the President of the Pro League gave a speech. BFF Secretary General Abu Nayeem demanded praise from the league organization at the scheduled time.

However, after the pro league committee meeting has changed, the league dates, do not play in the arena.

Salam Scrantedo said the pro league game was postponed some time after the national elections.

Do not forget that the best soccer organization in the country can not get out of old bark. Backbone practice in the league dates back several times to the long day of the BFF. This has not happened anymore. The league is being kept because of your choice. The federation said the elections would not affect the playground for several days. However, the Independence Cup tournament will continue to play.

Salam Murshedi also said we would start the Independence Cup. I'll let you know on the 30th.

Meanwhile, the number of BPL games is also declining. Seven places were supposed to run in the league, but the last minute was added to the new place Sylhet. But now Chittagong will be excluded from seven places.

Meanwhile, the decision is about the start of the Champions League. The Championship League will soon start with 11 teams.

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