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Bangladesh women in semifinals – Sharing Bij

Sports reporter: Bangladesh has played very well in women's football in the past few years. In that series, the fifth consecutive championship was a good way for the red-green women's soccer team. In the second half of the first half and the first half of the second half, the people of Golam Rabbani Chiton met with Bhattan. Eventually Sabina Khatun doubled the gap at once. The semi-finals tournament in this tournament has been confirmed in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh defeated Bhutan 2-0 in Group A of the Shaheed Rangshala Stadium in Biratnagar, Nepal. Bhutan lost 3-0 to Nepal in the first clean sweep of Bhutan. The red-green girls will face Nepal in a fight for the best group tomorrow.
Sabinara caught the ball from the beginning yesterday. By then Bangladesh had the opportunity to put the opening goal in the first half but Syat Zahan swapped a good chance. In the 30th minute Sabina Khatun's long-range shot from the crossbar. Six minutes later he was frustrated with the goalkeeper. In the 41st minute, Mishra Jahan threw the ball into the monsoon. But before that he read the offside trap.
Although not in the first half of the year, the goal for the second half was seen in Bangladesh's goal. After heading the opponent's opponent in the Monica Chakma Corner's D-Box, Moushumi pulled the trap from Jatla. Later, Bhutan missed a good opportunity to try to return to equality. At the corner of Team Mate Edon Darji blew up the post. Then the girls in Bangladesh became more aggressive. The advantage of Sabine's one-off attempt was to double the gap between Bangladesh and Bangladesh. He left the attack and crossed the defender and conquered it with a Conakuni shot. In the meantime, when Shuuli Azim was added, the disciples of Golam Rabbani Chhaton had to finish the semester without leaving the scene taken by Tahura.
Bangladesh has seen Bangladesh twice with Bhutan. For the first time in 2010, Cox's Bazar Safai Bhutan scored a goal for the green girls 9-0. Then in 2012 Colombo Safai won 1-0 with Golam Rabbani Choti's disciples. Seven years later, Sabina appeared again in the picture Sabina – Masaji showed.

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