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BFF does not want to shorten preparation.

Sports Reporter | Tuesday, April 16, 2019 10:09

The Bangamata U-19 International Gold Cup Football Tournament will start at Bangabandhu National Stadium on April 22. 6 Bangladesh women's soccer team is working hard to defend this tournament title with participation of the country. In South Asia, Bangamata U-19 Gold Cup is the first international football tournament with girls. Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Tajikistan and Mongolia participated in the competition for the first time. The UAE and Kyrgyzstan opponents of Bangladesh 's BFF invited Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as guest at the opening or closing ceremony of the tournament. & # 39; I want to meet PM at the opening ceremony or closing ceremony. That's how he was invited. The president has not confirmed his inauguration and will attend the closing ceremony, he said. Salahudin
On the other hand, the Bangladesh team had a strict practice in front of the tournament. When everyone else was happy on the first day of the New Year, girl soccer players spent time in field practice at this time. Coach Golam Rabbani Choton prepares girls' Bangamata tournaments through morning and noon practice. Choton commented on the preparations for the tournament: "We did not leave a football player after the clean championship." On Pahela Baishakh's day, the team practiced for two consecutive days, and we do not want a shortage of preparation: the Bangladesh Football Confederation (BFF) Jessica Huratado and Catherine Fabio Castro (two of Colombia's best female soccer players) gathered in Dhaka to add anger to the campaign Jaya Ahsan joined Bangladesh as a goodwill ambassador for the women's soccer team in Bangladesh. Sponsor K-Sporton has announced the tournament theme, the effect of the song on the lives of women's soccer players in the country.

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